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Not sure i'm putting this in the right place really:rolleyes: but how much housekeeping do people take off their kids? 23 & 29 yr old both in employment with no real outgoings apart from mob phone bill(i have posted this somewhere else but can't find it
i'm not to crash hot on finding where things go:o on here yet.many thanks
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  • Do you buy all the food and cook for them? Do you their washing/ironing etc?
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    Hi d1965,

    My children aren't old enough yet to think about asking them to contribute to housekeeping so I can't advise you but these threads from the MoneySaving in Marriages, Relationships & Families board may help:

    Son's housekeeping money!

    How much should I charge my dd for housekeeping etc?

    What to charge DS for housekeeping?

    I'll move your thread over to that board as you should get more replies there.

    Hi, Martin’s asked me to post this in these circumstances: I’ve asked Board Guides to move threads if they’ll receive a better response elsewhere(please see this rule) so this post/thread has been moved to another board, where it should get more replies. If you have any questions about this policy please email [EMAIL="abuse@moneysavingexpert.com"][email protected][/EMAIL].
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    thank you pink-winged. I cook 4 them and do their washing they do their own ironing when they need to!
    :j living life as I choose to ;)
  • d1965 wrote: »
    thank you pink-winged. I cook 4 them and do their washing they do their own ironing when they need to!

    I would say about 30% of their take home pay.
  • If they were mine, it would depend what they earn. I earned roughly £1000/month after tax and my mum took £200/month off me. I was pregnant at the time and trying to save though, so she may have been lenient with me!

    Now my b/f is earning about £1000/month (while I stay at home) and his parents take £400 for me, him and our 3 year old.
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    I would say about 30% of their take home pay.

    Depends how much they earn, at 30% it maybe cheaper for them both to move out and rent.

    OP - You'll find what people charge will vary alot from nothing to OTT, you have to weigh up how much you enjoy their company, whether they are taking you for granted in anything (you're spenting alot to support them under your roof).
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    At least a third of their take home. They canb then choose to spend / save out of the rest of it.

    Bear in mind that if they were not there, your utility, council tax and food bills would be a lot less. You don't have that much free income & you have to run & manage a household oon a lot less than they have.

    I would definately make sure that you spend or save the money only on your needs (a holiday, occassional shopping or pampering binge etc) or use it towards the running of the house.

    If they want to save for a deposit for soemthing, they can do that out of the rest of their income - you're still a much cheaper option than sharing a flat or going it alone.
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    When I was at home, I earned £1000 a month and paid £300 a month board (that was for me and OH)
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    I was earning around £800/£900 and paying £140 a month. I didn't spend most weekends at home though.
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    my lad whos nearly 18 gives me £100 out of take home pay of around £400 he moaned about it at first I just showed him the paper with the rented flats in it and said feel free to leave now he hands it over every month no quibbling.
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