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Most successful MSE challenge of 2009?

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Most successful MSE challenge of 2009?

edited 8 December 2009 at 10:44PM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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Little_VicsLittle_Vics Forumite
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edited 8 December 2009 at 10:44PM in Debt-Free Wannabe
OH and I are thinking of setting ourselves some challenges for next year, but there are so many to chose from! We wondered what your most successful one for 2009 had been and which you'll be doing again? It might help us figure out what to do!



  • SassersSassers Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Photogenic
    Hi there :wave:
    Most definitely Pay A Debt A Day - known as PAD and very very addictive! Just see my sig.....and I've only been padding since the beginning of September!
    Love Sassers x
    Current debt and mortgage: £25, 820.35 Debt/Mortgage at start: £92,598 (27/09/2010) Paid off so far: £66,777.65
  • fermifermi Forumite, Board Guide
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    Intrepid Forum Explorer Rampant Recycler Newshound! Car Insurance Carver!
    Definitely PAD. :)

    Last time I looked, it seemed as if they were going to get close to 1/2 £million paid off by the end of the year.:T:T
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  • BuffythedebtslayerBuffythedebtslayer Forumite
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    The living on 4000 a year is amazing, and the payment a day is good too. I also do the sealed pot thing, that is handy.

    Pap has recently started to run 1 debt v 100 days which has really focussed me the most to pay off my CC debt, plus the other give up XYZ for hundred days (cured me of magazines!)

    Good luck with your challenges!

    Debt Free as of 26/07/19 (third time is the charm!)
    House Savings target 0/5000, H2B 3000/5400, General savings 700 a month
  • JES_F1JES_F1 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts Photogenic Debt-free and Proud!
    If you've got some stuff to sell, especially books, CDs, DVDs, and videos, try the Make £10 a Day Challenge.
    Debt Jan 2008: £45,566. *** June 2013: DEBT FREE! ***
    Paid back just under £50,000 due to some interest added.

    Dealt with my debt through a Step Change
    (CCCS) DMP.
    DMP Mutual Support Thread Member #240.
  • HoraceHorace Forumite
    14.4K posts
    the Make £10 a day challenge is just only need to look at my sig for that although there are folks who have done better than me. Also the No Spend Day Challenge is also good (NSD).
    Semper in faeces profundum variat

    Make £5 a day challenge Oct 2014 £126.00/£155
    Make £5 a day challenge Nov 2014 £157.40/£150
    Make £10 a day challenge Dec 2014 £392.90/£310
  • mooominmooomin Forumite
    13.7K posts
    I'm all about the PAD challenge :D We have paid off £400,000 of collective debt this year so far!
    Comping again :D

    Wins this year: - two night trip to Belgium, £100 Gett taxi credit, tickets to Newcastle game, FIFA 2016 for PS4, stitch markers, Cumberstitching book
  • Another vote for PAD here... a stealthy way of paying down debts. And the NSD challenge has been brilliant for me because its really made me think about spending BEFORE I spend rather than after :D

    'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde
  • frostyfrosty Forumite
    1.2K posts
    Hi,On the 1/1/09 I started putting any £1 coins I had into a savings tin the one you can only open with a tin opener.Last night I decided to open it and count it up and was amazed to find there was £979.00,I didnt miss the money and cant wait for christmas because my mother has got me a larger tin as a christmas present,so I will be ready for Jan 1st.
  • PAD's definitely!!!! :):) although I always forget to post mine - am I allowed to to a massive post at the end of the year??
    Total debt 26/4/18 <£1925 we were getting there. :beer:
    Total debt as of 28/4/19 £7867.38:eek:
    minus 112.06 = £7755.32:money:
    :money:Sleeves up folks.:money:
  • this is all really good stuff! How does PAD work - can someone post a link?
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