Samples/coupons on request

Which companies have responded positively to emails requesting samples/vouchers? Sorry if there is already a thread on this - I couldn't find it.

So far I have had success with Simple, Neutrogena and HQ.

Thanks! :D


  • I have had coupons from Whiskars (£1) and Purina (£2) and Quick Reads (£400!!)

    I have had no luck with Cadburys and Wrigleys

    Jake :D
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    Warburtons sent me some when I emailed, only a couple of small ones though!
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  • Hi I cheekily emailed Dolmio and asked for any free samples or vouchers and on Friday got a 15p voucher and a packet of pasta and one of bolognaise sauce.

    Here's the email address: [email protected]

    the website is

    Hope this helps
    siren :A
    :A :


    Keep Smiling:D

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  • SpartanSpartan Forumite
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    I have had coupons from Whiskars (£1) and Purina (£2) and Quick Reads (£400!!)

    I have had no luck with Cadburys and Wrigleys

    Jake :D
    Blimey - how'd you get £400?!
  • Who'd you hae to sleep with to get £400 worth of vouchers then Jake? :rotfl:
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    I've had loads through try and error...:

    Baker's Delight - 4 White Bread Rolls worth £ 2,50

    Oatly - 2 £1,50 vouchers

    Dr. Oetker - 25p off pizza ristorante, free bistro baguette vouchers

    Nutricia - 2 50p off vouchers, gluten free shortbread

    Plamil Foods - One whole organic chocolate bar, 100g

    Pure Concept - Three vouchers (30p, 20p, 25p), 4 recipie booklets

    Gluten Free Foods - Double Choc Cookies, Rice&Tomato Pot Meal, Ginger Cookies

    LactoFree - 22 vouchers for free 1 litre lactofree semi-skimmed

    Ovaltine - 11 Sachets of chocolate milk

    Uncle Ben's Korma Sauce - £1 off voucher, recipie book and 250 g of rice

    Seeds of Change - £1 voucher and a packet or organic minestrone soup

    Orgran - 250g Rice & Millet Pasta, Fruit Filled Blueberry Bar

    Rachel's Organic - 3 x £1 vouchers

    Robertson's - £1 coupon

    Copolla Juice - £1 coupon

    Quaker Oats - £ 2,00 voucher

    Elastoplaste - £ 3,00 voucher
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    Organix/Goodies baby/toddler foods send out £1 worth of coupons when you register.
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    Spartan wrote:
    Blimey - how'd you get £400?!
    quick reads here is the thread that got us the vouchers
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  • Spartan wrote:
    Blimey - how'd you get £400?!

    400x £1 coupons and a load of free pens, pencils, posters, rubbers, bookmarks and stuff like that - proberly my best freebie! :rotfl: :j

  • Fairly recently i e-mailed loads of companies asking for money off coupons to try there products or if they had any samples and had a pretty poor response from most to be honest not really worth the effort however i did get the following.

    Uncle bens sent me a packet of rice and 1 pound off money coupon after i e-mailed them asking if they had any money off coupons as i'd like to try something new from there range. Was very pleased good response and now use uncle bens

    Durex sent me two packets of latex free condoms when i enquired if they had any latex free condoms in there range and if they did could i have a sample to try.

    I e-mailed body shop to ask if they had any samples i could use for baby shower thank you goodie bags and they sent me some things
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