a nice present for brother and SIL to be parents soon!!

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icon7.gifa nice present for brother and SIL to be parents soon!!
Hi all my brother and SIL are expecting their first child just after xmas. I would like to get something for both of them along the lines of cinema gift card and restaraunt gift vouchers with a nights babysitting for a few months time so they can go and have a nice baby free evening out together when the dust settles do you think this is a good idea?? or has anyone done something along these lines just looking for something different for both of them rather than buy loads of stuff that they don't want.
thanks all


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    That sounds lovely. I would prob make sure it had long expiry daye though in case it's a while before they're happy to leave baby!
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    That sounds lovely or an online dvd rental scheme for a few months so they have something to watch during the endless hours stuck to the sofa? :D
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    That's a lovely idea. Someone not long ago also suggested making up your own voucher book for babysitting nights, help with the ironing, that sort of thing. A new mum would love a hand even if only for a couple of hours to take a nap, a nice bath and pop into some fresh clothes, especially if you turn up with a home-cooked meal under your arm and take care of the washing-up while she's doing it.
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