November 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Well, I'm ashamed to say I came in at £31.47 over budget:mad::mad::mad: - so declaring my November spends as £431.47. I did cater for my DD's birthday tea from this not that disasterous (?sp) I suppose:o

    Am hoping to do better for December...but it might go out of the window if we do end up moving house before xmas - can't see it happening really though...flippen solicitors!!!
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    Hi everyone,

    I was going to have a fifth week on the Nov GC but realised that i would probably be all alone in doing it :rotfl:

    So................. i did have a target of £200 for this month which works out at £40 per week, if i reduce my target by £40 then i can work over 4 weeks instead of 5 and start the December challenge at the same time as everyone else :D

    Rosieben / Helen jelly, would you be so kind as to reduce my target to £160 please and i am declaring my November total at £164.72 which is £4.72 over :o

    Not too bad really, the main problem is that atm i don`t have a kitchen and we are fast using up all the prepped food that i have in the freezer.

    See you all "over there" in December :wave:

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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    Firstly, an apology for not being able to keep updated on this challenge, had a few difficult weeks - with baby teething, lots of laundry due to dribble central and a not very pleasant month with NatWest and their lovely DCA's I haven't really had the energy to update and keep up with everyone :(

    Well done to everyone who smashed/kept to their target..and keep trying those that didn't quite succeed. On my first proper month I'd like to declare £201.54 - £51.54 over my target of £150. (That's with the reciepts I can find - which is most of them!) Not as bad as I expected, but could - and NEED to do better for December.

    I shall pop myself over there now and declare my challenge for December. Lets hope it's an easier month too, although I doubt it :rolleyes:
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    Not ready to declare till I've been shopping tomorrow but am doing good this month. Goodness knows what went on in Oct, lol!

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    Hi all declaring at £293.57 can december be set at £275 please. Didnt do great this month:rolleyes: my budget is for 4 adults for food /cleaning/toiletries plus feeding another 1to 2 adults a couple of times a week, it's getting harder and harder think its the cost of food sneaking up and the fact there is less to eat from the allotment at this time of year! But like most others there is no way to increase the grocery budget so the challenge continues!:D
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    I'd like to declare £113.82 for November. Must try harder next month!
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  • Good morning all
    I'd like to declare £254.38 for November please. £4.38 over but i'm pretty pleased as its my first try.
    Going to follow you all over to the December GC now.
    Many thanks for all your support.
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    Right, I've done my last bit of November shopping - bread, milk, fruit, a few biccies for the kids - and would like to declare at£477.11.

    Even though I've gone over it's OK and thanks to everybody who posted this month. Now for December!
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  • Ok, I came in under budget at £330.00 had put down for £350, so I am pleased with that, as I did buy biscuits and tins of sweets to put away for Christmas:beer:

    So very pleased with that, don't know whether to join in for Dec, I have no clue what budget to sey:confused:
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  • Hi,
    I'd like to declare £282.10, pretty good as last month before I tried the challenge my spend was over £450! I think I'll have to up it for December though, with Christmas and all!
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