Please help. financial hardship claim for business account

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Could someone please advise me if my partner is able to claim financial hardship with a business bank account that has recently been closed.

He is self employed but has been in ill health for nearly 12 months now but is still working a little when he's able.

His account was closed a round three months ago as had been just over his overdraft for a while and was having problems getting out of it due to d/d's being returnrd and the charges that go with it!!

The bank in question closed his account and put him on a payment plan for his account and business card.

We are really struggling financialy now through him not being able to work as much.


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    He cannot claim financial hardship on a business account(with regards to bank charges) but he can ask the bank to re look at the payment plan if he is struggling to meet his outgoings because they still have a duty to be sympathetic towards customers in financial difficulties.
    I have not worked for NatWest Bank since February 2009

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