Major New MSE Website - TuneChecker pls help test it

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We're very close to launching a major new website, we've been in development since early in the year and worked hard on it.

It's been out for testing once before and we made massive changes based on the superb feedback - most importantly rather than just 5 years singles and albums it now has 9,000,000 tracks

Please try the

What we want to know
  • Do you like it?
  • Did it find what you wanted?
  • Were the results clear?
  • Was it quick?
  • Does it work intuitively for you?
  • Would you use it?
  • Anything else you'd like to see (though prob that'll be after launch)
  • Would you tell friends?
  • Anything you don't like?
Pretty much all feedback is welcomed.

What we know needs work

We have a few changes to the design that need doing, a bit of sizing, colour and padding changes - but it's close to the final shape.

The Twitter/Facebook links aren't working
The Music MoneySaving/Other MoneySaving isnt formatted properly yet
Sign up to the email and you'll get an email saying thank you for signing up to Martin’s Money Tips not tunechecker - do note if you do sign up for the email then you will be put on the list so click 'stop it' if you don't want it.

Thanks so much for your time.

Click reply to feedback

Hope you like it

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
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  • WOW that is a major help :) just saved a fiver on a Michael Buble album. cheers Martin!! :beer:
    Bad mother to 2!
    Bad Mother's Club member #4
  • Excellent site, easy to find music tracks, I am sure more techy people than me will have more techy comments, but I could find tracks/albumns quite easily, pricing look straight forward to follow.
  • Thanks Martin,
    This is a brilliant site, easy to find music and cd's and the price comparision is brilliant and so simple to see.
    Yet another brill site from you xx
  • sue139uksue139uk Forumite
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    Excellent site. Will be my first port of call. Thanks.
  • timmmerstimmmers Forumite
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    Nice site.

    Wouldn't it be good when searching "last 5 years" lists if they came in date order too though?

    It's too easy to get to a place with no basic tunechecker menu because it's in the search results pane ...not seperate, There should be a basic menu always on view so you can get home at least to start over. It's not obvious to click the "tunechecker" to get the menu back. A small dropdown menu in the header wouldn't hurt.

    Could save some people a ton of money judging by the differences in price I've seen playing ..especially parents :rotfl:

    Urgh at the top ten searches right now :rolleyes: almost all Xfactor.

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  • Firstly what a great idea!

    Seems to work pretty well but for example the snow patrol CD "Up to Now" £6.97 (direct on Tescos mp3 website) comes back as "No price found"?

    Its a few pennies more than the bottom price of £6.92 but I would feel more comfortable with them as a supplier for that difference.

    So what Im saying is that the Tesco result although available direct on Tescos webpage, doesnt show in the results.

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    Is the "Listen to sample track" supposed to work yet?

    All it does for me is scroll down the centre frame search box when I click it.

    Firefox 3.5.4 on Ubuntu

    EDIT: Yeh and I can't open the FAQ either
  • beanieloubeanielou Forumite
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    Looking good :)
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  • None of the FAQ links work in Opera.


  • DoratoDorato Forumite
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    It's pretty good :) Comes up with music I like (which is not pop music by any stretch of the imagination!). The one thing I would say is that when you click on "sample track", you have to then press play. It took me a few minutes to work that out so maybe the button could be labelled?
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