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Car Radio Unlocking

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Highly specific this one, but when you need it it can save a lot of money.

Following a repair for accident damage my radio was left locked. On contacting the dealer I bought the car from I was told that they had no record of the radio code and that it would cost £25 plus VAT to get it for me (nice little earner for them this one, which I refused to pay on principle!).

Anyway I went radioless for a few months, but had a trip to do and wanted the radio. So after a bit of a search yesterday, I found:

This allows you to enter your radio serial number and for a CC payment of £5.88 (this was for a Blaupunkt radio) it will immediately tell you the code. Worked very well indeed. You need to register and provide a 'company name', though I just put in 'no company'.

The only problem I had was extracting the radio itself. In the end I found some help using a google search, but essentially there are 4 grub screws that I needed to extract using a tamper proof screwdriver bit (you can get a set of these at screwfix for £9.99, but probably an allen key would work). Removing these provides 4 holes into which you need to insert 4 small screwdrivers or similar (I used some wooden kebab sticks) whereupon you can pull the radio out by pulling carefully at the cassette slot.



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