Do you live in comely bank, edinburgh

in Scotland
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I'm trying to help a foreign student friend who's moving into a rented flat in Stockbridge get Broadband into her flat but Virgin tell me there's no cable network there, which I find hard to believe? Anyone know of a company I can suggest she use, I'm not sure if the flat has a cable or BT telephone line.However she just wants Broadband, not telephone as she uses her mobile for calls. Thanks for all help.


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    to get broadband if theres no cable you have to get a telphone line

    get bb and telephone line through sky it will cost you £39 for installation of line compared to bt £150 odd
    its free evening and weekend calls and the internet is £10 a month

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  • I have Virgin Broadband in Comely Bank. There used to be a BT phoneline though Virgin provide me with mine. I can't get Virgin TV though.
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