November 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Spent £1.34 in Aldi on lettuce, spring onions and apples.
    Then also spent £7.84 in Somerfield. Mostly stuff for lunches but also got cereal and Ben and Jerrys(Half price).

    NSD on Saturday and Sunday as it was far too windy and wet to go outside. Spent £3 on oven pizza yesterday as I had a really long day.

    Also spent £2.50 on coffees at uni this week as I've had very long days

    Will update sig now
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    Just wanted to update...........

    I managed to prepare and freeze another huge bag of apple chunks today -as I was too lazy yesterday. I also made an apple cake (butterfly muffins still on hold:o) The beef stew was gorgeous and I topped it off with some cobblers, there was enough for dinner tonight and some for the freezer.

    I also made an experimental Banana & Honey Bread Pudding because I had a quarter of a stale loaf. I used:-

    3 Slices of Stale Bread, buttered on one side. and cut into quarters
    2 Bananas Sliced ( I would dip these in lemon juice next time because they went a bit brown
    2 Eggs
    Half Pint Milk
    Vanilla Essence to taste
    Honey ( I would also add a bit of sugar next time as this pud was not very sweet)
    Grated Nutmeg

    First I buttered a fairly deep bowl, then I put in a layer of buttered bread, followed by a layer of sliced bananas and a good squeeze of honey over the top. I added another layer of buttered bread and then the remaining sliced banana with another good squeeze of honey. I then beat the eggs and the vanilla essence into the milk and poured this gently all over the bread, bananas and honey. I grated nutmeg on the top and let the pud. stand for about 45 minutes and then popped into the centre of a medium hot oven (150 c fan oven). It took about 45 minutes to become all golden and crispy on the top, but my oven can be a bit slow at times. It tasted lovely though, could just have been a bit sweeter I think.
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    Banana and Honey Bread pudding now in index elizabunny, sounds scrummy! :)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    SunnyGirl wrote: »
    Kerfuffle Have you had a look at the Menu Planning thread for ideas? Here is this weeks and a new one usually starts on Thursdays - thanks to Penny Pincher getting us all going! :A I have got loads of ideas from it and people are always pleased to share recipes & ideas.

    Hi SunnyGirl,

    Thanks for the suggestion, I've seen the Menu Planning Thread previously and it does give lots of great ideas and recipes. Unfortunately on this occasion we're mostly eating stuff that is already made (by me - not shop bought) and frozen so there isn't much room for manouvre. But thankyou again, I'm always open to new ideas.:D
    elizabunny wrote: »

    I also made an experimental Banana & Honey Bread Pudding because I had a quarter of a stale loaf. Snip*

    Hi elizabunny,

    This recipes sounds great, I love it when I see a new recipe and I've already got all the ingredients :T.

  • Mooloo wrote: »
    I fell off the wagon a while ago. Dont think I have joined in much since my family went in different directions, nearly 7 months ago!. I did a search for the thread,as I need to curb my expenses. Remembered that there are brilliant recipes etc here. So plenty of reading ahead for me again!
    Realised that I havent had a proper shop in months. Its been grab it when in the shops helping the twins!. Means that I have lost the plot completely, and most of the spending has been on the twins. I was in Iceland this week for twin1, (she is ill) and spent £23.50. But only £3.00 of that was for me. That was Squash, eggs an gravy granuales!!
    I am beginning to run out of the most used items, soy sauce, tomato puree, tinned beans, tinned tomatoes, frozen veg, mince, etc etc. So its going to be thinking out of the box and hoping that I can do a bit of a store cupboard challenge too.Will join in in December. I think. But will tag along for the rest of the month for some much needed inspiration.

    Hi and welcome back, MrsM is indisposed at the mo so Rosieben and I are helping out. Looking forward to hearing from you again in December, take care Helen x
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  • Good morning everyone,

    just made up sandwiches for lunch, forgot to defrost soup last night so not able to carry in the thermos flask.

    did not go to shops yesterday but will really have to go today, haven't a spot of milk left.

    Thanks to Sheba for suggestions re losing posts. Will try them.

    Hope everyone has a good day.
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  • Have totally lost the plot this month and not even sure what I've spent. Think I'm still under £200 but got another weeks shopping to do yet. However I was well under budget last month so I've had to stock up a lot this month, so I will see it as 'balancing' rather than failure :rolleyes:

    Still have full-ish freezer, 2 packs of mince, sausages, bacon, some fish, frozen veg, icecream etc but the problem is last month we virtually lived on mince, sausages + bacon so now I'm really sick of them and cant bring myself to cook them, which means I keep popping into the shops for something to cook that day! Think I need to look at the recipes for some inspiration.
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    Forgot to mention yesterday that I bought some of Mr S 1% milk yesterday to try watering down as I only really like skimmed. I have watered a pint down with just under half water and it is still a bit too 'milky' so will water the next pint down a bit further. Plus DH hasn't even noticed:T

    Thanks for the tip I picked up on this thread:T
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  • SunnyGirlSunnyGirl Forumite
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    XSpender wrote: »

    Thanks for the tip I picked up on this thread:T
    Talking of tips from this thread I've been experimenting with cutting my dishwasher tablets in half and it's worked. It wouldn't work for liquitabs though :rotfl: The 'old fashioned' tablets are much cheaper anyway :D:T
  • AAArgh! I have already gone over this month's target and have 11 days to go!! :mad::mad:

    I have got pretty full freezer, fridge
    and cupboards and have planned meals for the next two weeks, so I shouldn't be spending much more...(famous last words!) I popped into Lidl on my way home and spent £41.39,:eek: how did that happen??!!! I also had to go to the greengrocer to get eggs (£1.99 for a dozen large free-range!), as well as Braeburn apples (only ones DS2 will eat :D) I was going to do some baking today...but I don't have enough cooking marg...what a twit I am!!

    Anyway, have gone over by £27.34, will try to curb my spending for the rest of the month.

    This could be a problem, as it is my birthday on Saturday and we are going to Frankie and Benny's for lunch (different budget!!). DS1 is coming to the meal with his GF, it will be the first time I have seen hime since he went to Uni for the first time at the beginning of October. I was in hospital then, so it was a rather odd tearful affair. I can wait to see him, a lovely birrthday present! :j I didn't think I would miss him so much...especially our long conversations into the night (starting about 11pm!!)

    We are ging to the garden centre I used to work in on the Sunday to spend some birthday money (still to spend Anniversary money too!) I want to get a new bird table and some primroses and pansies to brighten up the tubs in the front garden. I have been saving up for this for months, so again a different budget. With luck I will get 10% off too (as a past employee!!!) can't be bad.

    This will really cheer me up as my therapist yesterday has diagnosed me as having a high degree of depression and anxiety and doesn't want me to return to work until the New Year (I am an IT tutor). I had hoped to get back in December...I have been off since mid-December last year!!

    Right that's enough moaning, off to get more Christmas pressies made - yet more crab-apple jellies, last week's lot look great! I also want to use up my overgrown courgettes (marrows now) and make some marrow chutney...I feel much better when I am creating something.

    Have a great week - what's left of it!!

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