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  • Do you know if it would be possibe to simply block all calls before 6pm, for example, with the Orchid box?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes, it would be very easy. (and 999 calls would get through unless you very specifically blocked them).

    You could even set it so that one or two specific numbers could be called in emergencies (if you have an au pair, for example).

    However, the dialler box could be unplugged by an intelligent person. To be certain, you would have to replace all your phones with orchid phones. That way, it would not be possible to get around it without bringing in a phone from outside. Or you could hard-wire or glue the dialler box into the wall socket. This might seem drastic, but phone wall sockets are cheap and easy to replace if you change your mind.

    The orchid phones, as in my previous post, cost £15 for a normal phone, £30 for a cordless one or £45 for two cordless ones if in stock. The cordless ones have a "babysitter" facility that you can turn on and off very quickly with a PIN that only allows one number to be called.
  • I'm thinkig of getting one of these diallers but just wanted to know the score when using it with an NTL line instead of a BT one. We're signing up to one.Tel to take advantage of their free weekend calls but to do this with NTL you need a Phone.pal box from them so that the calls are correctly routed. Is it possible to then connect the Orchid dialler as well as the Phone.pal box so that we can then call 18866 etc?
  • Hi double0 - you wouldn't need them both plugged in - you could do one of the following -

    Just use the Onetel Phonepal and dial the code for 18866 (or 1899 - this is the cheaper of the 2 if you are on NTL) - you have to dial a 4 digit number first to diaconnect from Onetel (forgotten what it is, it is in their notes) and then the 08... access number for 18866/1899, wait for the prompt then dial your full number - a bit fiddly but the savigs are well worth it. This is OK if you can rely on the others in the household to do it. I made a grid of which was cheapest and which numbers to dial.


    Buy the Orchid dialler and use it alone. You can programme it to use different carriers at different times of day, you wouldn't need the Phonepal plugged in as well.

    FWIW, I used the first system for a while then bought the dialler, which I have to admit is a lot easier. If you can't programme it they will do it for you for £2.00 but I was OK doing it myself.

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    Their 'further information' page refers to their office number - 01536 443677 - perhaps you could ring that and ask for sales
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    I've recently bought a V4 dialler from Orchid. If I subsequently alter/update the routing, for example, do I have to "force dial" from my telephone handset to Orchid again or do the amendments happen automatically once the routing table has been updated and sent via my pc?
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    Hi can you tell me if this system works with other diallers. I've got a dialogue model SD002 which I got free when I subscribed to one tel many moons ago. It seems a bit silly buying another one if this one will work.

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  • You do have to 'force dial' after you've updated any routing on the Orchid as the box doesn't know you've updated until you tell it to go look!
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    jeglet - thanks! I will sortly be going to tele2 and thought I should be prepared on the change over date!
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    can anyone advise?
    i am with 18866 which i use during the week and use onetel at the weekend.at the moment, my onetel bills are quite substantial ppl in my family do not bother to use 18866 for mobiles. this is especially the case at weekends.

    my question is can i set up the orchid dialler so it routes mobile phone calls through 18866 and not onetel, yet at the same time recognising landline calls and routing them through onetel?

    thanks in advance
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