October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Yeah, yeah, Yeah - I just done my finance and we spent 210.38 (I put it off as I was dreading the totals) this is the lowest it's been since forever (budget was 240)
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    Declaring over for Oct at £517.83 - but this did include goodies for OH's 40th (inc balloons etc and a Waitrose cake), a Halloweem outfit for. DS1 and some other stuff bought in supermarkets which *could* be taken out, so not too disappointed. Actually, I'd be under if I took out the clothes - woo hoo! so... now declaring Oct under at £490.33 - yippee!!!!

    Nov - am aiming for £450... not doing well so far!! Oops! :-D

    greent x
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    *clears throat* Okay, so my second month on the grocery challenge was a bit of a disaster budget-wise. I've come in at £416.94 from a budget of £350! Oops! Perhaps I was a little unrealistic with my budget. Mainly, though, I spent because we had the money, and hopefully it'll mean I don't need to spend as much in November - which will be good because we're going to be a bit short of cash!

    Anyway. I'd like to declare at £416.94 for October please!
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    I would like to aim for £200 for November please.

    Declaring £148 for October
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    Declaring £143.10 for October. OVer the moon. Will post new target in November thread.
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    Aiming for £300 in November
    Spent £10 fruit at lidl and £16.00 at HB & milk & bread. Gonna get 3 milks today to see us through the rest of the week! Dont think we need much else this week except some chicken & veggies. Have started writing down spends in my work diary!
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    I came in at £206.79:mad::mad::mad:

    blooming kids and their trips to the shop:rolleyes:
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    Sorry, have been very remiss this last couple of weeks, which is probably why I have come in over this month :mad: Admittedly, I knew it was going to be an odd month - but on the plus side, I have to say that writing everything down has shown me how it's those "tiny" quick shops which tip me over. That and my DD's birthday :rolleyes:

    So, October has been and gone at £313.05. I'll do better in November (but think I'll go back to £350 as it's obviously more realistic for me...).
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    Been a bit busy recently. Still, I kept all my receipts, and made a note of anything I spent that didn't get a receipt, so I've been able to catch up with my spending diary.

    October's GC comes in at £209.24

    My budget was £52 pw plus £40 for special occasions, so £208 + £40 = £248.
    I actually spent £187.01 + £22.23 = £209.24 so I'm really pleased with that.
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    Hello everybody,

    I'm declaring an October spend of $341.91.

    I actually spent more than this if I include what I spent for my daughter's 21st , Halloween, and Christmas Wrapping paper, but I'm not going to as I need the boost, and by rights these should come out of the 'Special Occasions' budget, if only I had one ;).:rotfl:
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