Chillis.. when are they ripe?

I am currently growing some chilli's.. to be precise Habanero's (as I like my food hot :eek: ) but I have no idea when to pick the chillis?

My plants have got pretty big now (planted the seeds back in November) and 3 of them have chillis hanging off them but at what stage do I pick them?


P.S. Any recipe suggestions welcomed.
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    Hello NastyMatt

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    I read a few facts on this a while back - I do remember that you have to shock the plants (so wait for a full harvest before attempting it!) by over watering then letting the roots dry out completely. The shock increases the potency and heat of the chillies apparently. Not done it so google or wait for some more replies!
  • You can ususall smell the heat when they are ready, we have been picking for a few weeks but only this week have they been stronger smelling and much hotter!
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    I tried a few Habanero's last year in Mexico...there was me thinking I eat jalapeno's for a snack so cant be that bad....boy was i wrong
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