MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Serena pay twice for Blair?

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    blair should pay her way or lose wieght
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  • Having been so thoughtless - and weak-willed - to gain all that weight on holiday there is no guarantee that bloated Blair will be able to lose it in time for the wedding. Serena should definitely not buy a larger dress for this selfish person. Either find another friend to fit the dress or do without one bridesmaid and hope to get some of her money back on the dress. There are far more important things to think about so close to the big day!
  • No question, Blair either fits into the dress, buys a new one herself, or joins the congregation. I'm sure Serena and her htb have enough expense already!
  • Honestly, can you put on a stone in 2 weeks?! Cripes....

    Looks like you're buying a new dress, Blair. Or you're not going to the ball......
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    Well if Blair really wants to be bridesmaid she should pay for the new dress and Serena shouldn't be paid to pay out again. So either Blair pays or Serena has one less bridesmaid. The other option is Blair just wears a different dress to the other bridesmaids, maybe an old one she has in the wardrobe for fat days.

    Does anyone seriously put on a stone on a two week holiday though? That is quite worrying, as someone who works in an office I use holidays as a chance to get some walking and swimming done.
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    Get a new bridesmaid. The fat pig will probably scoff other people's food at the wedding too.

    Whoo hoo! norn iron club member# 395!
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    Blair should pay for a new dress, or be demoted to a guest where she'll have to buy her own outfit anyways.
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    The bride has enough to worry about without gettting extra bridesmaids' dresses in a different size at the last minute! The bridesmaid should definitely pay for her own new dress, and yes should probably have paid for the first one too!
    What kind of a name is Blair anyway?!
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    I agree with RuthnJasper, RainbowKitty and Jane Blackford. Mind you, it's not hard to lose a stone in 2 weeks. I've had to do it for a photoshoot before.
    Are you a famous model? :p

    I think we pretty much all agree that fatty pig should either step down or buy a new gown! or starve herself to fit the original
    Rah wrote: »
    What kind of a name is Blair anyway?!
    I think as usual names have been inspired by an American TV show
    The very best is sometimes what nature gives us for free.
    3onitsway wrote: »
    I think Sami is right, as always!
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    I got married this year and we had 5 bridesmaids. Several of them were dietting, one of them was a consistent yoyo dietter. So we asked them which size dress they wanted and told them that if they couldn't fit into it on the day, they couldn't be a bridesmaid. Everyone knew where they stood, and what a surprise, everybody managed to fit into their dress on the day.

    Give people an inch and they'll take a stone :-)

    I suppose it helps having 5 bridesmaids though, we could afford to lose a couple, so they knew we were serious :-)
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