MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Serena pay twice for Blair?

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  • :oBlair either foots the bill for the new dress (or a course of lipsuction!) or Serena asks someone else who the dress will fit to wear it on her big day!
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    Blair should pay (if Serena still wants someone so inconsiderate to be her bridesmaid!)- she could obviously afford all that food on holiday!

    She knew the wedding was coming, and yet she carried on - you have to ask if she really wants to be bridesmaid.

    If I were Serena I would ask someone else to fill the dress.
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    I agree with RuthnJasper, RainbowKitty and Jane Blackford. Mind you, it's not hard to lose a stone in 2 weeks. I've had to do it for a photoshoot before.
  • 3 choices for Blair:

    1 - buy a new dress yourself
    2 - get on a diet and down the gym
    3 - back out graciously and admit that you're a ******* greedy *****

    No way should Serena stump up for Blair's gorging - it takes some going to gain that much weight so quickly - ask any pro rugby player that needs to "bulk up"

    Shocking behaviour!!

    No real friend would do that and she certainly shouldn't be rewarded for it. tut tut
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    Get a new bridesmaid. The fat pig will probably scoff other people's food at the wedding too.
  • I agree with RuthnJasper, RainbowKitty and Jane Blackford. Mind you, it's not hard to lose a stone in 2 weeks. I've had to do it for a photoshoot before.
    Blair should totally buy another dress or say she won't be a bridesmaid anymore. How selfish of her.

    Any tips on how you lost a stone in 2 weeks? :D
  • Certainly NOT. The greedy woman knew what she was doing! If she can't control her greed, she should pay for the consequences - and learn a lesson.
  • I agree with most of the comments that Serena shouldn't have to buy a new dress. Blair knew she was going to be a bridesmaid and what size the dress was so she should have been sensible when she was away. How can anyone put on a stone in just a couple of weeks anyway.
  • Surely this is an exceptional circumstance. If Blair is the bridesmaid then she must also be one of the best friends of Serena. Wouldn't the best solution be to share the bill. Without sounding corny, friends are supposed to be there for each other, so the fact that Blair has put on so much weight and can't fit into her dress will be a bit of an embarrassment for her.
  • No way should Serena pay for a new dress. Blair knew the wedding was coming up. If my best friend was getting married I would put some effort into looking good for the day! Why should Serena pay twice because Blair is a thoughtless pig???

    P.S. I too have lost a stone in 2 weeks (on one of those special milkshake only diets - not easy!)
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