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Okay, I am almost close to tears I am SO frustrated.

We have 2 mobile accounts, one mine and one my daughters. We can access neither on line and they don't answer the phone when you call CS's or answer any emails.

Every time I try and log in it says I need permission from the account holder who is ME!!! How do I give myself permission to view my own account????

It's impossible to keep a track of texts/minutes used etc. as info is 24 hours behind.

The list of problems I've had so far is endless and we've only been with them since July.

Really starting to wish we'd not bothered with this shambles of a company.:confused:


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    Hi adandem

    I was really disappointed to see how unhappy you are with the service at the moment.

    I'd love to put that right for you. If you still require any help please feel free to send me an email from here with the subject line WRT135 (so it comes straight to my team). In the body of the text make sure you include a link to this thread along with your details.

    I'm sure I'll be able to help.

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    You have my sympathy, we have 3 mobile a/cs in our family and the set up process was a disaster...having said that I went to the Vodafone UK web site and there's a really useful forum on there; loads of tips and really useful advice.

    I had the same problem myself with the phone advisors...sorry to say but they were less than useless...the online guys...now thats a different story, I accessed them through the Vodafone forum, but I'm pleased to see they have a rep on here as well now....

    so I would imagine you should get sorted pretty quick now...the online guys are really good at their job!
    I'm now a retired teacher... hooray ...:j

    Those who can do, those who can't, come to me for lessons:cool:

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