Cafe in Dolgellau

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Visited a cafe today in Dolgellau - I am local but wanted to show a friend from outside the area what we have to offer. Bought some food, charged over £8 for it but was surprised to find it in paper bags with no plates or cutlery. Should have realised then I suppose! we sat down and began to eat when 10 minutes later a rather angry woman told us we were 'taking up tables for people who want to sit down and eat' and we had only been charged for take away prices. we were a little stunned so asked how much extra to pay to eat in. £1.50 per item!!!!!!!! needless to say we took our food with us and walked out. Absolutely shocking treatment, fair enough we misunderstood but to talk to customers like that is bang out of order. No wonder small cafes are closing down left right and centre :mad:
I don't know if I'm getting better or just used to the pain.
Bipolar for all


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