'How many shaves per razor?'

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    i use my husband's 5 blade gillette thing - seems to be much kinder to my skin and the blades last for ages (as fewer strokes needed) - i just keep using the blade till it doesn't cut the hairs properly anymore - i've never counted how many times that is!!! also, i never use proper shave foam - too expensive. either use normal shower gel, or body lotion - then you get the shave and moisturising all in one...

    i bought him an i-trim as he has sensitive skin and hates a full shave, so i inherited his razor!
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    As many as I can before they shred my legs
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  • 2-3 weeks with Fusion shaving (my face!) every day. I read somewhere that Asda now have a 5 blade system so I'm gonna try them -- gotta be cheaper than Gillette!
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    The blunter the better for my legs otherwise the shave is too close and it itches like crazy.

    So i voted over 50 cos it seems i've had my current razor for months lol!!

  • I agree with paulfoel - switched to Fusion from Mach 3 last year and I get much more use from them - usually wait for the gel strip to run out (approx 10 times). They might be the most expensive blade out there but a set of four lasts approx 3 months as I only shave every other day so I think they represent quite good value based on the comfort level achieved i.e. no rash.

    However, this did get me thinking there must be a scientific answer out there. Perhaps there should be a "blade calculator" that allows the user to enter hair strength, rate of growth, etc, to determine the best shave!!!! And maybe the cost of the balms, soothers, etc should also be considered.
  • I bought a Save A Blade from ebay for about £8 3 months ago and haven't needed a new razor yet... I do need more gel but King of Shaves is very good, and I also use Boots shaving oil.

  • Much will depend upon your shaving regime and products used.

    For a great shave you should wait an hour after getting up before shaving to allow the skin to firm up around the beard area. Then you should apply warm/hot water to prepare the hair and skin. A good quality shaving cream such as Clinique is money well spent as you will not only get a better shave but blades, which are much more expensive, will last longer. I find that a 3 bladed head lasts about a month or two shaving every day both with and against the direction of hair growth and the shave is very very smooth according to my girlie.
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    Prolong the life of razors by filling a cup with denatured alcohol and letting your safety razor blade soak in the alcohol after shaving. The alcohol disinfects the blade and prevents rusting.
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    teddyco wrote: »
    Prolong the life of razors by filling a cup with vodka and letting your safety razor blade soak in the alcohol after shaving. The vodka disinfects the blade and prevents rusting.

    Hardly money saving though, is it.
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  • Think us girlies are being conned....

    Understand all the arguenents re an individuals hair strength etc., etc., BUT after seeing them on offer I recently purchased a Wilkinson Titanium Quattro and a Gillette Fusion.

    Whilst the blades supplied with my Superdrug own brand ladies razor and a Gillette ladies razor perhaps gave a maximum of a week's worth of leg shaves, the mens' razors easily give a month's worth. So even accounting for any disparity in blade cost the mens' give far superior results and value for money.

    Since then have also heard that Asda are slashing the cost of replacement blades :T
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