'How many shaves per razor?'

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    I can get about 5 shaves before it comes too painful, and thats with expensive blades.

    Cheap blades are a big no no on my face. I get ripped to shreds.
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    Good idea for a poll!

    I used to only get 3-5 shaves from a razor, but since switching to the Wilkinson's Quattro Titanium the blades seem to last ages - at least a month of daily shaving. They are expensive but last so much longer than the crappy Mach 3 types.
  • kai666kai666 Forumite
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    Stompa wrote: »
    You should easily get 50 shaves from a razor.

    I wish i could
  • AkomAkom Forumite
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    I use double edge safety blades with a Merkur Futur handle. The handle costs a bit but once you've bought that you can then buy top quality blades much cheaper than any branded stuff such as Gillette or Wilkinson, and with practice you can get just a good a shave if not better.

    Life of a blade depends on not only quality but also individuals hair. Some are thicker than others.
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    I'd say M. I epilate my legs so only shave underarms, so don't really need to replace the razor so often; I carry on using for as long as I can before it starts to snag.
  • It depends, as a female, I use it maybe 5-6 times, then I get rid as it will start getting blunt.
  • 2 times with each Bic Comfort 2 thing that unfortunately I don't think they make anymore :(

    2 or 3 times with each Bic 3 blade disposable thing.

    There's a lot of variables here - type of razor, how much you need to shave each time, skin sensitivity, what shaving cream/gel/oil you use... tbh not sure there's a useful consensus here, but it is interesting to see I'm not the only one who finds they last 2 or 3 goes because I have been wondering if it's just me. I've never bought any of the expensive "Gillette Super 100-blade VirginoPlatiMegaClosa better than the best thing you previously thought was the best thing ever" because they don't last either.

    Am considering getting an electric razor but that's a lot of money to try out and find I might not get on with...

    50 times with a disposable razor though? What are you, Desperate Dan??! ;)
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    I;d say up to 10 times with Gillette Fusion ones (their the best). I find the cheap ones start out too sharp and blunt very quickly.

    Not sure someone uses a blade 50 times though. Must be very blunt by no 50. ???
    Cymru am Byth !!! :j:j:j
  • paulfoelpaulfoel Forumite
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    I insist on my bint using a fresh one each time she shaves her bush.

    Do you share the razors then? LOL
    Cymru am Byth !!! :j:j:j
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    I use a 3 blade disposable from Wilkinson. I get lots of shaves - I would guess about 20 – before I replace the head. (And that’s shaving against the skin which is more ‘demanding’.).

    I shave in the shower – but I get the water hot first. It softens up the stubble and makes shaving much easier. When the water’s not hot, and I use and old-ish razor, I shred my face…

    I kinda do it to save money and wastage, but I might be using more money & energy by having to have a much hotter shower. Oh it’s so difficult covering all the green bases!
    If less is more, think how much "more" more would be.
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