October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Morning all

    First time Ive done this challenge and realllly glad I did it! Im always picking up bits and pieces when I'm out so this has helped focus me a bit more and think about what I am making and try to buy accordingly.

    Oceanspirit - a lot less waste here too! Im doing Weightwatchers at the moment so that has probably helped too as I watching all of our portion sizes and trying to only make what we will eat and "recycle" any leftovers into the next dish.

    Have come in at £295 this month - although I'm sure I have missed out bits and pieces - esp things that DH has bought!

    Will try harder to track things for next month, but will go for £300 again in November please. Still got freezer and storecupboard food to eat through so will be doing that for half term as much as possible!
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    Hi! I've joined the storecupboard challenge and have a budget of £15 a week! Needed to do this as I really must get to the bottom of those freezers before the Christmas shop! :D If November is a 5 week month I had better give my budget for 2 as £75.
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  • I spent €69.73 in total at the weekend. €13.67 in SuperValu, €26.56 in Mr. L - both yesterday. And €29.50 in the farmer's market on Sat (lots of cheese, organic pork chops, mushrooms, chocolate, apples and apple juice).

    Oh, just remembered the €39 odd in our Mr. S on Thursday evening (including free bread and milk).

    So will have to amend sig later, but I had figured I had €119.85 left for the week, but really only have €80 or so. Still, that should be more than sufficient as I have everything for this week's meals in, I think I have enough milk, and I am unlikely to do the grocery shopping until Sun this week (and it's for Nov anyway). So I think that puts me under budget for OCt by about €70 (allowing €10 for mid-week emergencies!!).

    Can I put myself up for €500 for November again please (there's Christmas bits to buy and more baking bits to stockpile while on special). But will be trying to come in at well under that.
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    Eltee12 wrote: »
    Woo hoo

    I think I will be under budget for October - am up to £400 out of £450. we've a mini-shop coming up on Wednesday - should be around £30. hoping for 2 NSDs before then - yaay:j

    Oh pooh - forgot the direct debit for milko on 23rd - total up to £411. Have done meal planning for rest of week so seasonally-adjusted shopping list for Wednesday should only come to about £15.

    managed NSD yesterday, should be same today:D

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    Ok, first update of Nov.

    Spent £14 in butchers yesterday, bought 1lb sausage,2lb mince,1lb diced pork and 2 large slices of gammon which will feed 4 of us as half a slice is plenty. DD2 & DD3 are going to cook that for tea today as it's my birthday:p! DGS is going to visit grandad for tea so won't need any and DS2 doesn't like gammon so will just have eggs instead.

    Yesterday I made sausage casserole, fried a small onion, a few left over toms, mushrooms and courgette and simmered in a little chicken stock with a few herbs then added tin of baked beans and the chopped cooked sausages and an oxo cube(OH not too keen on tomatoey food and this makes it taste a bit meatier). Had with little roast potatoes and there was plenty to feed the 6 of us, probably cost around £4 in total tho could be done with cheaper with cheap sausages;).

    Also spent £6 in grocers, £1 on bread and then a top-up shop at tesco which was £12.46, plus toiletries from body care = £36.80 so far.

    Need to do a proper meal plan now.

    Be back soon,

    Jayne x
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  • JayneC Happy Birthday!_party_

    Hello everyone. NSD yesterday and no cooking today (no housework either:wall:

    However, there's loads of HM leek & Lentil Soup and a nice HM fish pie waiting to be popped in the oven later.

    Having completly lost the plot this month, I think I need to draw a line under it. I can't even guesstimate how much I've spent to declare, but I will try and work out a rough amount to update my sig.

    helen jelly Would you be kind enough to put me down for £120 for November.

    Have a nice day everyone;)
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    I have had my first Mr T delivery of Nov today only problem was they sent a replacement for the item we were having for tea so I will need to jiggle the meal plan around:rolleyes:

    I don't normally get a delivery but thought I would give it a go to see if I will see a reduction in my spending. I am planning to have another delivery this month if necessary. Will need to find some free delivery codes.

    I am also going to streeeetch this months budget so instead of my month running 27th to 26th it will run 27th to 29th as I move our month in line with DH payday and not mine. This is to get things lined up for when I go on maternity leave next year.

    Today's shop cost £118.17 inc delivery but will last at least 2 weeks. I will need to buy eggs and cheese and a bit of fruit next week.

    Any money left over is going in the baby fund:D
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    Still keeping going until the last day of the month here but hoping not to need anything else before then. Running out of several items, including rice, so will need to take those into account for November and also have a look at the store cupboard challenge to help keep me focused.

    Rubber turkey drumstick going well - 3.5litres soup, 4 portions risotto, a 9" pie and enough meat leftover to make something creative for tonight's dinner - I;m tempted to try turkey lasagne! Not bad for a £1.47 turkey drumstick that' got fished out the freezer. Trouble is, I've now had to fill that space with 3 cartons of soup and a turkey & veg pie! Mary Poppins eat your heart out! :rotfl:Trouble is, I have only £78.60 remaining of my annual grocery budget and I haven't bought a turkey yet! :eek:

    Fortunately, October has been a good month, thanks to attempting to live from the storecupboard and freezer. Only £37.22 spent this month and that included my stockpile items. If I could do that for the next 2 months then I'd be in with a chance of completing my own challenge within budget.
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  • Am back after a long time away from gb...and will have a go at
    £60 for November!
    Fingers crossed...rying to use storecupboard stuff...but rubbish at gb so must try harder!
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