October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Hello everybody my month fininshed on 24th was doing really well till last few days then ended up going to Asda and spent more than I wanted too but was on bargains that will see me through first week of Novembers challenge so Octobers total was £325! know now that it can be done so £300 again please for November
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    can i join please? i'm aiming for £300 for 3 of us for the month of November wish me luck!
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    Woo hoo

    I think I will be under budget for October - am up to £400 out of £450. we've a mini-shop coming up on Wednesday - should be around £30. hoping for 2 NSDs before then - yaay:j
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  • Im really proud of my first attempt at this challenge and have just squeezed in under target by £2.73!!! :j:j Im really enjoying doing it and have done a freezer inventory so now plan to make more use of meals that I already have. Im going to go for the same Target for November though of £360 for the month and then maybe reduce after Christmas.

    I love this thread :beer:
  • A NSD for me today so I can declare October GC £249.83.:j

    Please put me down for £250 for November, thanks Helen. My new month starts tomorrow and I think I will need to go to the shops but only for some Fruit & Veg so it will be a slow start to the month.;)

    Dinner tonight is a Curry using leftover Lamb from last nights Roast and the kids have said they want Pancakes for Pud, thought that was a good idea, why do we only eat them on Pancake Day? Off now to rustle everything together, have a good evening everyone.:D
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  • I am declaring at £297.17 for October, as I have organised an Asda delivery for Wednesday, and there will be all the basics to take away for the weekend with us included in that delivery. Any other bits and pieces we want whilst we are away can come out of the holiday pot! I will aim to come in at under £300 again for November. Thanks!
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    I've really enjoyed the challenge this month. I did think I was going to struggle to keep in budget at one point, but thanks to last week's great whoopsie haul with the veg my freezer is now full of hm soups and stews. I'm loving the creative cooking that I do to use up all the veg at the end of each week.

    I'm also very pleased with the tiny amount of food thrown away this month compared with the embarrassing amounts pre-GC - two bananas and one small green potato out of the bag I bought last week. I shall be keeping on top of this and hopefully won't bin anything at all next month.

    Helen, please can I declare at £60.04 for October and put down £60.00 for November. Thank you!

    November is going to be 5 weeks so I shall eke out the same amount of money as I did for October. I don't want to use up the freezer stocks at the moment because I want to be prepared in case of catching any lurgies over the winter!
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    I actually came in under budget this month- £129, please count me in for £130 again in November.
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    :Dyay ! I am declaring for October £114.97. £5.03 under budget:j:j
    New 4 week cycle starts tomorrow £120.00 fingers crossed I can do it again:D
    I am so pleased, and I have also used quite a bit of stuff up from my freezer
  • JanaeJanae Forumite
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    Am declaring £357.12 for October, £7.88 under budget :j.
    Helen, please could you put me down for £354 for November, a 31 day month for me, still calculating at £80/week. Thank you!
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