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    i use allianz direct not had to claim so far (thankfully)but on first impressions they appear to be much more professional than my previous insurer, abbey (that's abbey insurance, not abbey national. nice extra with their policy is that they cover up to 5 lodgers at no extra cost
  • Last year my buildings and contents renewal was £280. I was able to get it for £140 from Zurich online.
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    I got a good quote from Northern Bank. Two nice extras they have are: they put the cover up automatically in December when you've Christmas presents in the house, or at a time of a wedding in the home; cover for heating/plumbing accidents/emergencies - I was glad of this last year as our heating boiler broke down in freezing cold December, without this cover I couldn't have afforded to fix it. They cover most of the cost.
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    Got Tesco house insurance for £126 for buildings and contents for a year.

    If u apply before 31st Mar you get 2500 clubcard points which is equivalent to £100 in MFI vouchers.
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    open and direct have a promotion where, if they cannot beat youre renewal price by £25, they will give you £25.
    my renewal price was £190 with abbey.
    told open and direct it was £180.
    open and direct priced at £155.
    abbey promised to match this price which means no need to change brokers but £35 saved in 15 minutes on the phone
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    :j Hi Fellow Money Savers,
    I got my home insurance quotes from a new comparison site I found for Northern Ireland called
    I filled out one form and got lots of quotes back by email saving me £43 per annum and a lot of time on the phone. They do car quotes too. Very handy.
    Hope this is of use.

    As this is a relatively new website only registered on 11th Feb 2006, I'm curious..............
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    Hi All

    Well it coming up to that time of year when I need to renew my home contents insurance, does anyone know of a good insurer with reasonable quotes that covers Northern Ireland ?

  • just gots mines from tesco. 30% lower than my renewal quote from endsleigh
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    Try prestage they are local and even with the 50% discount that Tesco offer they where still cheaper, I checked. You need to go through an agent to get them but if you go to Autoline or Abbey online or just call a good brooker you will be able to get a quote.
    My mother and I are both covered with them. Indeed last year she needed to claim and they where first class

    good luck
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    i am with allianz and pay £18 a month for contents and buildings together. i got it through a very good broker who many peoplke recommendded to me.
    insurance matters
    120a monkstown road
    028 90866256

    you can arrange it all over the phone with them!!!
    love you lots like jelly tots :o
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