'Should you be allowed to sell your organs?' poll results/discussion

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  • Of course it should stay banned. I am currently waiting for a kidney and have been for two years but if people started selling kidneys or other organs imagine all the body snatching and organ stealing that would happen. It would become very dangerous and people would become exploited.
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    Like most discussions with a moral as well as legal impact, I don't think this is easy to answer.

    Part of me thinks that if someone wants to sell their own kidney, make some cash (for whatever purpose), knows the risks of doing so and they find a willing buyer then let them go for it.

    The other part of me sees many problems including certain people being exploited and pressured into selling against their will, or may be forced to pay large fees for the priviledge of being introduced to a buyer (there would undoubtably be some form of 'agency' spring up acting as a middle man between buyer and seller, making a fat wage out of both of them).

    There is also, of course, the problem of what would happen to the donor if they then needed medical treatment after donation. To say that they knew the risks when they agreed to it is easy, but in practise it may not be that straight forward. If, say, their remaining kidney failed, who would pay for their treatment? The donor themselves? What if they have no money to pay (they've spent the cash they received)? The NHS? Why should we have to pay when they chose to sell, and were paid for their organ. Let them go without treatment? Not in a civilised country, surely.

    On balance, I reckon keeping it illegal is probably the best way to go.

    This, as it's more eloquent than I could have put it.
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    It should definitely stay banned, for several reasons:

    1. Who is the buyer for the kidney? The NHS, to give to whoever needs it most urgently, or private health companies, rich individuals etc? As it stands, available organs are distributed according to need and this is the way it needs to stay. Poorer people should not die because they can't afford a kidney.

    2. The potential for exploitation. There is an issue in the US at the moment where female college students are being targeted by companies wanting to buy their eggs. Lots of them are facing huge student debts after they graduate and an uncertain job market and are being pressured to undergo a potentially dangerous procedure that is not without possible emotional fallout further down the line. People's bodies should not be a commodity.

    3. As others have pointed out, the chance of complications such as the recipient rejecting the kidney or the donor's remaining kidney failing. We can say that people know what they're getting into but lets face it, not everybody is capable of making sensible informed decisions, especially not with pound signs flashing in their eyes!

    I like the system as it is. We can donate blood and some other tissues out of the goodness of our hearts and after we don't need our organs anymore they can go to someone who needs them urgently.
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    What a !!!! poll :confused:
  • You can't ask people to relinquish their right to the NHS after selling an organ, if they needed the money in the first place then they won't be able to afford private healthcare! And we certainly can't turn them away. It has happened in America and it's horrific.

    I agree with SailorSam - "once you're dead, any organs should just be taken unless you've previously said you're against it." But Spain's system seems to be more successful. If we had this system there wouldn't be nearly as much of a shortage.

    Person_one's is absolutely right - "1. Who is the buyer for the kidney? The NHS, to give to whoever needs it most urgently, or private health companies, rich individuals etc? As it stands, available organs are distributed according to need and this is the way it needs to stay. Poorer people should not die because they can't afford a kidney."
  • This is the 1st poll where I actually nearly ran to the toilet to throw up!:eek: The mere thought of someone selling their organs is just too terrible to contemplate no matter what the circumstances.
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    what's the going rate for a kidney?

    i can see a new openining for e-bay here !!
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    we should have the right to choose.

    im also thinking someone may need that money for a relative who needs a life saving operation that can not be done in the UK under the NHS in good time.
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    If it were a perfect system, then each person should have the right to decide. But, as with communism, a good idea falls to shreds when humans are involved.

    Donate out of the goodness of your heart. Like that nobody can be exploited, people don't have to worry about being attacked at night and have their organs carved out, and everybody has a fair shot of getting the organs they desperately need.
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    I voted A. No way should this ever be allowed.

    You would have people who don't understand the risks doing this.
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