JTB wants to start 2010 with some savings !

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Hi everyone,

I thought I would start my very own diary to do what it says on the tin, get some savings before 2010 starts and continue to save during 2010.

A bit about us (won't bore you too long!):
  • Family of 5 with a fairly good income, DH works full time and I'm part time.
  • No debts/mortgage (been there, done that, got the T-shirt :o and happy to say we came out the other side with all of them now cleared). We have no loans, no CCs and no overdraft. We rent our house (HA). We live month to month on our wages and try to save for the bigger things we want/need (so far this year saved for new TV, bed, holiday and DDs 16th birthday weekend to Alton Towers).
  • We have our own allotment and also grow in our garden. Cuts our food bills down tenfold and keeps us fit and healthy (when I'm not making scrummy fruit crumbles or biccies or cakes :rolleyes: :D).
  • Actively part of the live on 4K challenge thread (first year so still getting things right), grocery challenge (when I remember to post :o), and the greenfingered board. Also inspired to do this diary by Jamiedodgers thread and her fantastic PADs she's currently doing (hope you don't mind me mentioning you JD! :o:D)
Most of our savings this year have been spent on some goodies. However, we really need to get this house decorated. Moved here in 2007, decorated the kids bedrooms (3) and the HA then fitted a new bathroom, kitchen and complete heating system during the first year - they were VERY old !

Decorating wise, we have a lot still to do. Every room (apart from kids bedrooms) need new carpets, paint and new furniture. We've always 'made do' and TBH now we've got a chance to save up and get the house the way we'd like it, I want to do it while we can.

So, my aim is to have the living room decorated by next summer. I'm not sure how much we'll need but I want to start saving as of now. I'm not sure whether to open a new savings account (I have two but negligible interest rates :rolleyes:) - any advice greatly received.

I'd also like an 'emergency pot' for things like when the W/M or cooker goes wrong (as they do, just at the wrong time :rolleyes:).

I'll try and update as often as I can but work/allotment/3 kids/running a girlguide unit and the h/w take up quite a bit of my time ;).

Hope I haven't bored you for too long ! Any help/support would be most welcome and I'm happy to take any advice from some of you regular savers - I'm a total virgin to this and will need the help ! lol :rotfl:

:jWeight loss to date 1st 11.5lb :j


  • Hi JTB....i am happy to offer you 6 email coaching sessions for FREE. Email me on [EMAIL="greaterheightselfgrowth@googlemail.com"][email protected][/EMAIL]

    I love to hear a positive story.
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    Hi JTB, sorry you didnt get any replies to this, never mind the spam lol. I'll be reading if you update as we are in a similar position and hope to start saving in the new year when all our debts are cleared. I've already got 3 standing orders set up to start paying monthly amounts into 3 separate accounts for car, holidays and Christmas. Never ever saved money for it before.

    How are things going?
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
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    Hi tiff ..... thanks for the reply :D ...... I was beginning to think I was just a billy-no-mates .... either that or really boring :rotfl: :o.

    Things going a bit slowly here this month - gas and electric bill came in and they were a bit :eek:. Still, I'm hoping to put a few quid away next week when payday arrives, I should have a few £££s left if nothing crops up in the meantime.

    I've opened an ISA so will try and plough as much as I can into that for the foreseeable future. Did a SO for £25 per month to start and whatever I have left in the bank the day before payday will be transferred into it.

    I'm also going to try and concentrate on upping the online surveys etc to help with the food shop (usually opt for Mr S vouchers). Christmas is coming fast too and I'll need to get organised if I'm going to do everything that I want to (home-made hampers for family/friends and bargain pressies for the rest with a bit of luck and research ;)).

    One thing I have started to do (mainly at work ... shhhhhhh ! lol) is to do the competitions board in the hope that I can win some pressies :D I've won one so far and that will be put away for DH ...... let's hope there's some more wins in the next few weeks !

    You sound like you've been on a bit of a journey with paying off debs tiff - forgive me if I've got that wrong :o. If not, then you should be really proud you've come this far and can look towards saving some money now. :T I'd be glad to hear how you've done it :D.

    Right off to have a nose around the net, see if there's any bargain pressies to be had !

    By the way ......... what are email coaching sessions ?? !!! :confused::confused: lol
    :jWeight loss to date 1st 11.5lb :j
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    Savvy Shopper!
    I've done well with the Christmas shopping, found quite a few bargains on the grabbit forum. I used to ignore the surveys, but the last few months have done every one apart from the ones that just enter you into a draw. Its amazing how quickly it adds up, every time I get at least £6 in paypal I send it to the credit card we have outstanding.

    Our debts were never unmanageable, but were increasing and we could only really pay the minimum at the time. We made a joint decision in Jan to really work hard at it this year, especially as I started a new job in Jan.

    Email coaching sessions, send him some cash and you'll find out, what a great scam lol
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
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