October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Had another NSD today, I am such a good girl;):rotfl::rotfl:
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    Nipped into Asda when I picked DD1 up from work this evening and just got cheese and country life on the 3 for £5 offer, and a tub of philly.

    Will be going to Sainsbugs tomorrow as it is near where my car is going in for a check so I will have an hour to kill, though I might also go to Aldi when I get it back. There is not much I really need but I don't get to that side of town very often so I have to have a look, don't I.:rotfl:

    See you all tomorrow.
  • Bought a bit of meat today - £2.50 Spent £8 in asda on 2 x £2 pizzas, reduced bread and some juice. None of it reallllly urgent so could have saved £10 really.
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    morning everyone,spent £81.64 in tesco-waitross-and poundland yesterday that should keep us going for a bit.
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    weekly shop today and spent £86.02 much better than last week, thats what happens when i leave hubby at home lol, picked up two extra large chickens for half price and stuck them in the freezer so that should do us a few meals

    also need to add on £2 that i forgot from through the week from picking up teabags in the £1 shop
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  • weekly shop today and spent £86.02 much better than last week, thats what happens when i leave hubby at home lol,

    I find leaving hubby at home saves money too!!
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  • Hello all!
    I'be been missing in action for a while due to getting married last weekend and generally having a mad week this week but I am now officially back on track!
    Found the receipt from a dsah to Mr Ts on Monday (£39) and I've also bought milk and mushrooms since so that's an extra £1.80 to add onto the total which should now be £90.80 (i'll update the sig in a sec).

    I have a shopping list for tomorrow - I thought we didn't need much but it seems to grow exponentially everytime I look at it!

    This week's food will be...
    Sat - pizzas from freezer (easy tea)
    Sun - chicken parcel (glamorgan sausages for me), peas, parsnips, roast potatoes, brocolli, and gravy
    Mon - curry from freezer for OH, 5 bean chilli for me
    Tues - 5 bean chilli left overs for both of us
    Weds - spag bol (from freezer) for OH, quorn meatballs and spag for me
    Thurs -sausages and mash in a giant yorkshire pudding for both of us
    Fri - haven't good a clue - Friday is usually lazy day tea!

    Hope everyone is doing ok - will update the sig with tomorrow's shopping then...
  • RachelMK congrats on the wedding

    17.77 spent in M & S yesterday. We were badly in need for a treat. Got the meal for 2 for 10 which was lovely and some bits for the little man. Will go and update signature now.
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  • Rachelmk - hope you had a lovely wedding and congratulations

    Spent £13.15 yesterday on various bits like bread, milk f&v etc - off to update siggy in a min

    Well done everyone on trying to keep on track with the budgets you've set. I have now banned DH from buying anymore food as we really do not have anywhere for it to go!!

    Have a nice weekend
    Helen x
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    Morning everyone

    Congratulations Rachel on your wedding
    Spent £17.51 in Sainsbugs last night got quite a few meals in now so should definately be a NSD today.

    Have a nice weekend everyone
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