Pipex Homecall - I'm soooo annoyed!!!!

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Hi all,

I would like to pick some brains if I can?

At the end of June Pipex Homecall phoned me and told me of a package that sounded like it suited my needs down to the ground, I was coming to the end of a 6 month Talk 2 upgrade so could have negotiated with them again but this is what the chap was offering:

£9.99 line rental
£14.99 8MB broadband
£12.50 Anytime talk package - reduced for 3 months to half price @ £6.25

He knew that I was paying £14.99 to Pipex already for my 2MB connection, and he said even if I cancelled the phone after 3 months I could keep the broadband upgrade for life.

So I went over it again with him confirming I'd be paying £31.23 for 3 months then it'll go up to £37.48 if I stayed on the Anytime package.

So all's well, I got my first Pipex Homecall bill for £29.57, didn't take too much notice of it but realised my broadband hadn't been upgraded yet, so I contacted Pipex and got an email back to say that I'd have to apply for an upgrade package via their website.

When I got to their website it sounded like I'd need to apply for the package again and I wasn't sure how that'd work, would I be charged twice? Why did I need to apply for something I was already on?

Then something made me check my internet statement and found I'd had £14.99 taken from Pipex on 28th June and £29.57 taken by Homecall on 18th July - so I'd forked out nearly £45 this month????

So I've just phoned Pipex and explained all, the guy told me that Pipex Homecall can't upgrade my broadband and they had no right to say they could? So I looked at my bill from Homecall again and it seems the reason it's come to £29 odd is I've been charged half a month - from 23/06/06 to 3/07/06 and a full month from 4/7/06 to 3/8/06.

What can I do? Apart from complain to Homecall and get taken off their phone service, then I can go back to line rental from BT and look around at other options - but I'm so annoyed that this month I've paid out £45 - we don't have that sort of money to waste, I don't even get paid £45 for a months work!

I'd appreciate any advice offered, can I claim money back for being missold something? We do need the money, I can't afford to waste anything.

But then looking on Pipex's website it seems they do offer the package I was sold: Pipex Max £14.99 for 8MB broadband, £12.50 for Anytime calls, unlimited usage (which is what I want), they don't offer line rental though - I'm so confused, what was I sold?

Thanks in advace



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