October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    A third NSD for me today - and tea is a portion of mince frozen from a spell of batch cooking. I resisted the urge to thro the veg and so am making do - I am beginning to really resent throwing things out - this OS is getting to me now.

    17 days to go and £69 left - should be more than possible although I do have an evening out on Friday so need to watch the spends.
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    Just a quick one here, I haven't read any posts in this thread, but noticed my target had not been included in the list at the beginning of this thread.

    So Helen I would like to set a target of £370 for October.

    I know I have just gone and declared my September total in that thread (failed miserably) and said I was going to stick to the £400 target I had for last month. But since we are now one adult less (DS1 has gone to Uni), I should really set a lower target. I would ideally aim for £350 (or even lower!), but I will take things easy for this month (been in hospital for the first 5 days of this month). I will make a list of the freezer and cupboard contents this week and get some meals planned, that will help with curbing the spending!

    Still, we have managed 3 NSDs this month, DH and myself, so some good has come of me being unwell!!

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    Have had a NSD today, mostly as I've been off work sick and nowhere near the shops!!
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  • Evening everyone

    budgets done up to and including Keiss21

    apologies Keiss21 for missing you, I have added you in now

    Have a nice evening everyone
    Helen x
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    Keiss, sorry to hear you've been in hospital. Hope you're feeling better now, take care of yourself.

    I'm having hm veg soup and stewed apples for dinner tonight and chilli made ready for tomorrow. I have 2 items on my shopping list for tomorrow morning, should be a spend of less than £1.50 and enough in the house to last all next week ;)
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    Another £18.86 today in the Co-op. Bought 3 toothbrushes that were on offer, otherwise it was just fruit, veg, yoghurts, juice, baked beans and chicken pies (not OS :eek: but OH likes to use these if I'm on a late shift and haven't been organised enough to do something in the morning). DD2 has decided to eat healthily now which is great but expensive as she's become quite fussy and likes to cook her own meals. I don't want to deter her so am spending a lot more now on fruit, quorn items, salmon and chicken breasts. We only have the Co-op, butchers and a greengrocer locally so finding bargains is tricky.

    Also bought quavers & wotsits ready for Xmas (BOGOF) :D but that comes out of a different budget.

    Have a good evening

    kj x
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    I have already spent £132.30 :eek: :eek: :eek:

    I have now done a food inventory/menu plan & shopping list.

    I use what I buy but I'm not organised at all. I used to be.

    I pulled £300 out of the air. That's to feed 2 adults & 2 children. Baby is just weaning.

    That is literally food as well. Household/baby milk & toiletries I am taking off.

    Am also doing a spending diary. That curtailed my magazine buys pretty quickly, lol!

  • Did first shop of the month on Saturday and spent £65.57 which I thought good as now have kitten so had to buy food and litter for her.
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    Evening everyone

    My large order from MrS arrived last night totalling £145 !!!!:eek: But that should see us through almost to the end of the month and leaves me with £50 per week for top ups which should be more than enough.

    Tonight's tea was a bit disappointing - it was a recipe from Prima using sausages, onions, tinned tomatoes, garam masala and coriander with butter beans.... I have to admit I hated the butter beans and left all mine! Next time I think I'll just put in a tin of baked beans. :rotfl:

    I was hoping for a 3rd NSD but we had no shampoo in the house so had to buy a cheap bottle from Boots today. :mad:
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    Hi All

    First chance to post after coming back from holiday - it was the 10 hours of ironing over 5 nights that meant no internet for me!!
    Can you put me down for £160.00 for October.
    Already spent £51.93, but this was all from Lidl and bits from market and Sainsburys. Trying to be under budget this month, but may buy odd bits for Christmas if I have any money left.
    Mortgage free as at 1/9/13 :j
    To start work on the credit cards now!!
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