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Lots of useful hints and tips below. :)

This is a continuation of THIS THREAD

Pigsback Beginners Guide

I hope this will help newbies (and maybe some notso newbies) to Pigsback, it's something I posted back in November 2005 with some additions and updates.

In this update I have added instructions to maximising clickthroughs using your "Categories of interest" option and contact details for Pigsback as this is a question frequently asked.

Clickthroughs - Look out for adverts on your home page with a dark pink/purply border which say 10 Piggypoints. These can appear any day during the week (not weekends or Bank Holidays). Click on one, then click to go back to the Home page. Then click on the next clickthrough and repeat. If you don't see any on your Home page refresh the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard or by clicking on "more offers" next to "Your offers" (you may have to do this quite a few times). You should find this way that you will be credited with quite a few Piggypoints as the week goes along. You do not have to find the clickthroughs on the first day they are posted, they will stay on the site for at least a week (not sure if it's 2) and so if you go away for a few days you shouldn't miss any, they will be there when you next go on Pigsback. Keep an eye on this thread and people will post when new clickthroughs appear. You must click on the advert panel on Pigsback to be credited the points, clicking on the links provided on MSE will not credit the points.

To maximise the number of clickthroughs on your home page, you will need to have all categories of interest selected. To do this click on "My Account", then click on "My Categories of interest" and click on the box next to "Select all categories". For some unknown reason Outdoor pursuits will not stay selected, but don't worry about this as it is the same for all members. Finally click on "Update my categories". This ensures that all available clickthrough/advertising panels will appear on your home page.

Daily Trivia Quiz - Each day click on Daily Trivia Quiz (or Rustlers Daily Quiz) down the right hand side of the Home page. Answer the question and then click on Submit. The answer is usually very kindly provided by Kazzea on this thread at some unearthly hour when all good piggies should be tucked up in bed. You will not be credited with any Piggypoints for this, but you stand a chance of winning 1000 Piggypoints.

Daily Crossword - Each day (not necessary at the weekend as it is not a new crossword) click on Daily Crossword again down the right hand side of the Home page. Fill in the crossword (can be time consuming) and when completed click on Check to make sure you haven't made a mistake and when correct click on Submit. The answers are usually very kindly and painstakingly provided by Droopsnout, jules-2005 or others on this thread (lot of work goes into this). You can use the link provided by logging on to Pigsback and then clicking on the link provided on this thread. Again you will not be credited with any Piggypoints for this, but you stand a chance of winning 2000 Piggypoints.

Spotlight Quiz - On a daily basis click on Entertainment in the bar going along the top of Pigsback. Then click on Spotlight in the menu on the left hand side. Select the answer in the drop down box and then click on Submit. Chance to win 1000 Piggypoints. Again Kazzea usually provides the answers, although if you get the wrong answer you are given another chance and then another until you get it right - foolproof (piggyproof) really.

Ticketmaster Quiz (New - 6/1/06) - On a daily basis click on Entertainment in the bar going along the top of Pigsback. Then click on Tickets in the menu on the left hand side. The quiz is part way down on the right side of the page. Select the answer in the drop down box and then click on Submit. Chance to win 1000 Piggypoints. Kazzea again is kindly providing the answers.

Weekly Quizzes:

Toucan (New - 3/2/06) - Go to: http://www.pigsback.com/offers/490276515/default.asp (or put toucan in the
Pigsback Search box). Scroll down to the Quiz. Select the answer in the drop down box and then click on Submit. 20 Piggypoints per week. Question changes on a Friday and Kazzea is providing the answers.

There are many other ways of collecting Piggypoints which are posted on this thread, but the above are the recurring clicks.

Something for nothing - can't complain.

Registering for Third Party Offers for Piggypoints - It has been suggested by Marigold123 (good suggestion) that all members keep a list of offers signed up for which give piggypoints. You should also keep all confirmation emails at least until you have received your points. Then you will have a record to forward to Pigsback if you don't receive your points. Also be patient and take a note of how long it should be before you receive your points, ie 28 days = 28 WORKING days and then perhaps wait until the following Friday when most points are added.

Buying Through Pigsback - If you are a really good Piggy and buy something through the site you also get credited with Piggypoints. Good ones include CDWow (10 points per £1 spent), if you use your Pigsback CDWow reward vouchers there is a possibility that you can get points as well - points for spending points!! Thanks to Millionaire_Wannabe and PaleScene for their comments (still not sure).

Checking Your Balance - Click on your Home page if you want to check your balance or click on "My Piggybank" at the top right to check in more detail.

Rewards - Please be patient if you are a new member, you will not be able to claim a reward until you have been a member for 10 days. When you have enough Piggypoints for a reward, click on Rewards at the top of the page, you may then have to enter your password. Select your reward by clicking the arrow up above the appropriate box until you have entered the quantity of the reward you want. Click on "Select Items". Click on "View: My Selections" and then click on "Order Selected Items". Fill in your personal details if requested, ie address etc. If it is the first time you have ordered a reward (this does not apply if you have ordered a reward before), you will be asked to validate your account by giving a mobile phone number, this must be a mobile phone number not used before to validate a Pigsback account. This is Pigsback's method of making sure that there is only one account per individual and not several accounts owned by one individual. When you have entered your phone number and clicked on Submit or Enter leave the page open until you receive a text from Pigsback with the validation code. When you have the code enter it in the appropriate place and click on Submit or Enter. Do not make the mistake of closing down Pigsback or moving on to a different page before validating or you will lose the opportunity of entering the validation code and I believe you will then have to start the whole rewards process again.

CDWow Vouchers - These are in the form of evouchers and will be sent to you by email a few days after ordering. If you do not receive an email or delete/lose it, go into the Rewards section of Pigsback and click on "Collect Rewards" on the left hand side. You will then be able to take a note of your CDWow Voucher code. CDWow Vouchers can be used as entire payment or part payment for an item from CDWow. If you use the voucher to pay for an item and it is not to the full value of the voucher, then your voucher code can be used again for another item to the value of whatever is left, eg item cost = £5, voucher value = £8.75, value left to spend later = £3.75, so don't discard the voucher code if you still have some credit left on it. CDWow Vouchers can be used on all parts of CDWow including WowWoman, Gadgets etc (thanks to RedRubyMcG for the info).

Contacting Pigsback - The Pigsback web site requests that Members should email them at [EMAIL="postmaster@pigsback.com"][email protected][/EMAIL]. The telephone number shown on the web site is 0207 170 4010.

Sorry this is so long and I hope it will help.

Enjoy your Piggypoint collecting and spending!!!


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