October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Updated my total with spends in Asda and Lidl.;)

    Dinner tonight is a Curry using leftover Beef from last night and Pudding is an Apple Charlotte I've made using some more apples from the tree in the Garden.:D

    Have a good evening everyone.;)
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    A different approach for me this month. I did a big S delivery on the 1st with heavy/dry goods and branded stuff only. This means all household stuff and pet foods are bought for at least the next month. I am now banning myself from going near a big supermarket before 1st November. Meat from the freezer or the butchers/farm shop, f and v from Lidl/Aldi, bread from the village co-op. Poster is up in our co-op (midlands) for half price elmwood chickens for a week from 14th October, need to stock up when they hit the shelves as they taste much better than the cheap supermarket ones.

    I had MOC for farm foods and took a potter round today - £10 for 3kg of frozen chicken breasts. Perfect for curries, etc. Also 750g raw tiger prawns frozen for £4.99. £22.50 spent in there as well
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    Got to get my receipts together tomorrow, shouldn't be too much though, currently our local Mr T's is accepting every supermarkets vouchers, this is because a new supermarket has opened nearby, but long may it last, shopping on Sunday came down from almost £60 to £28 - oh was most impressed!

    OH gave me some lovely spices that were surplus to requirements and some prunes that were about to go out of date and be dumped at work, so will be a curry on the horizon and a prune and almond tart, which is ds's favourite! Handy as I have some ground almonds in the cupboard which could do with using up - will keep me out of mischief tomorrow!

    GC seems to be going fairly well at the mo, but do need to get some basics: flour, loo roll and potatoes!
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    DevonGirl wrote: »
    Hi there, am new to this thread - normally I'm over on Debt Free Wannabee - can I join? ...

    Hi Devon Girl, welcome to the GC :j if you post your target in red Helen will add you to the front list; it isnt compulsory but I think most GC'ers find it helps them to keep focused when its written down! :D
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    OMG I am horrified by how much we spend on just two of us. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to keep track of what we have been spending.

    I have struggled to remember to keep receipts and write things down when we haven't had a receipt. Even with all that I dare not write down what we have spent. It does mean though that come next month we will be following a budget although we may have to do our shopping on a weekly basis as we do not have the cupboard space to do a monthly shop.

    On the good point I have been freezing lots of stuff for us and the mindees and tonight I actually checked in the cupboards and freezer to see what we had before sending hubby to the supermarket.

    Our dishwasher has broken and we have decided not to buy another one as I could have a cupboard put in to store storage containers for freezing and think it would be a better use of space (not sure that hubby agrees on that one though lol)

    On the bad side we do not have much freezer space so went to look at freezers with the thought of buying a spare freezer (but have got vouchers for comet which would mean we wouldn't have to spend cash).

    One of our main problems is that we both hate shopping so neither of us likes a major shop. This means though that we go two or three times a week and just mooch around and fill the trolley mindlessly. Well tonight I gave hubby an option he could go on his awn or I could go with him but as I am the one who puts the extras in the trolley it would cost more if I went. He came back having got what was on the list and nothing else.

    Now I know this is not an answer but at least for the rest of this month we shouldn't spend to much if this happens lol.

    A real positive though I s I am now working on a Thursday when our local market is held. I am very overweight so to go to the market and drag bags back just didn't happen but with the pushchair I will be able to go and buy fruit and veg from the market and meat from the butcher a lot cheaper than the local Co-op. How sad am I!!!!!

    I really want this to work and be able to cut back on spending.
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    £183.16 spent so far in only 1 1/2 weeks so will have to work hard to get through the month on target. We are stocked up on quite a few basics though - flour, white vinegar, toilet rolls, soda crystals, coffee, toiletries. Planning ahead is also helping and I've managed to make most of our bread with the BM.
    So, more meal planning tomorrow, a few top ups from the local shops and hopefully a couple of NSDs then!
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    Have you tried shopping online, Nannyboo? I find it the best way to stick to a list and of course it has the advantage that you don't have to lug all the shopping home. There are usually a few voucher codes knocking around. Tesco have one for £10 off a £650 spend for new customers at the moment- check out the discounts board.
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    many thanks and good luck to everyone withy their challenges:D
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    Didn't manage an NSD today :eek:

    Nipped into Mr M for a non-challenge item, and checked some of the Whoopsie areas while I was there. A chap was just taking the bread down to the late reductions, so I snaffled three loaves that I didn't really need!!! Got Seeded Batch (39p instead of £1.47) x 2, plus a Soya & Linseed (30 instead of £1.20). Total spend of £1.08 on bread with a shelf price of £4.14 :T

    Have made some freezer space since I shopped on Thursday - but not a huuuuge amount, so just hoping I have space to freeze these once split into 4 slice portions (2 slices for breakfast toast and 2 for lunch-time sandwich). DS doesn't like these types of bread (plain white only for him), so these three loaves will last me for 15 days even if I start them tomorrow - which I won't as I already have 2 loaves of white that need using first, and DS won't eat that after it's been frozen :o
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  • Evening everyone

    Budgets done up to and including Jackiegibbo

    Gotta fly [will catch up later]

    Helen x
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