October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • £29.76 spent on first shop of the month

    Meal plan this week relies heavily on food already in fridge and freezer. Sausage casserole, chicken and rice, steak, and cod with potato salad are main meals planned and making more soup too.
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  • I am delighted with myself this weekend - I spent nothing on groceries!! I had vouchers that were due to expire, and old points on a card that I never remember to use, so it should have been €52.12, but it actually cost me nothing!!

    There were a few extra things not on the list in the trolley - wipes that we use all the time were BOGOF, and DH and DD insisted on a hunk of brie after going back to taste it about 3 times (in fairness, we all love cheese and it will get eaten).

    We had a tomato and tagliatelle dish on Saturday - using our own tomatoes. Yesterday was bacon and cabbage and potatoes - HG spuds and cabbage, and whoopsied bacon (but not very nice joint so will be more careful about which joint in future). Scrambled eggs and liver for lunch, followed by a couple of chocolate cookies (from roll of doing in freezer, cooked while DD's pizza was cooking Sat pm). I made a pot of brocolli soup as well - put a couple of portions in freezer and have some today for my lunch.

    DH has made a chilli for tonight, we are having chorizo and potato bake tomorrow night (HG spuds and tomatoes), I have to buy some chops or chicken for Wed (we have a cauliflower that is just perfect to use up), frozen prawns, veggies, sauce and rice on Thursday, and nasi goreng using leftover rice on friday (all sorts of veggies, a tin of tuna and a half tin of sweetcorn, and some curry powder).

    So I shouldn't have to buy anything, apart from meat for Wed, until the weekend. And I even got a voucher for a free loaf of bread and 2 litre carton of milk next weekend!!
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  • Morning everyone

    Budgets done up to and including Mrsgibbs1503

    Must fly now - have a nice day everyone

    Helen x
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    ooh dear - thigs are going wrong - my main problem is being forgetfull!! I had to get some more dummies for DD (she's teething really badly and has a habit of flinging them I have 'lost 2 dummies this month and have no idea where they are!!) and while I was at Mr A's I also got a birthday cake for DH (I don't know why I wasn't going to make one??) some whoopsied grapes (£1.68) and eggs (which were on my list).

    DH also went to Mr T's yesterday as DD has a cold I asked if he could get her some jar food as that's all she really eats when she's not well and he ended up spending £12! so all in all another £26.55 to add to my sig.
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    Arrgh just realised I did my 2 week shkop in the village on saturday and spent another £25!!!!
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    spent £45 in Waitrose on saturday ( using the £5 voucher in the sun)
    and topped up at tesco today , another £28 ! I hope thats it for this week

    just to let you know in tesco they have a box of weetabix 72 size for £3 :j ( the 48 size is £3.32 so a bargain :j:j)
  • a wee shop at M's today picked up some sausages on offer and some reduced raspberries/strawberries, also some curry sauce to make a curry with leftover chicken from yesterdays dinner spent £7.84
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  • Am all stocked up now for the next 2 weeks (hopefully) with some fresh milk and fruit n veg

    So heres hoping I can stay out of the shops!

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  • hello peeps,

    i've managed to not spend but hubby on the other hand..........so have updated my siggy.

    still job hunting so keep those fingers crossed for me peeps!

    am planning to potter off and make some soup, just veggie and maybe have a go at the apple braids if i have enough flour, otherwise they'll wait til later in the week

    ioiwe :)
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    Hi all,

    Just on to update my sig. Spent £11.66 yesterday in MrT on some packed lunch sandwich fillers, crisps, and veg for our roast dinner. Eating loads more veg at the mo as I'm on S/world and it's FREE!!! (well calorie-wise anyway).

    Small spend on a savoy cabbage today - 60p in MrS.

    Have a MrT shop coming tomorrow evening. Had a voucher through the post for £10 off a £50 shop, so have stocked up on washing tabs, dog food, meat for the freezer, pasta etc., so will only need fresh f&v for the next week or so.

    Hoping to come in on budget this month.

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