October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi all had a pre planned lunch with friends today, after my 3NSD (I start my month on monday) was getting worried about how much I would spend, however went for the value meal which was very nice for the sum of £2.99, normally would go all out and spend at least a tenner on drinks etc or a de lux meal but funnily enough I had just as good a time and saved a fortune!

    NB this was a nice pub lunch not a infamous Mr Mcd!!!
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    It's amazing that as soon as the money goes in, I start to spend it! I did my meal plans and went last week for the 'big' shop, plus biscuits specially designed for picky cats, and went crazy at frozen food shop with my new, search-out-a-bargin mentality. So, managed to spend £141 of my £250. My cupboards are pretty well stocked. I'm a week in, and anticipating a shop for bread and milk and some fruit and veg (I do intend to buy a breadmaker about five years down the road when I have the money to buy things for myself again).

    What I really need to do is run the cupboards down before I shop again. I have to recondition myself - I'm very much my mother's daughter: I am compelled to keep in enough food just in case I suddenly need to feed thirty people. :rolleyes:
  • Hi. This is my first post and I would like to join in with the challenge please. October budget for 2 of us (adults) is £175
    First weekly shop I have spent £37.28 - needed a few spices etc

    Good luck everyone
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    Hello all!!

    Just posted my total over on September so thought I better get in here and declare some kind of budget for October. I am tempted to leave it at £300 as it has taken us four months to manage that, but I think I might try £280 and not worry too much if we end up at £300.

    I am going to allow for a couple of takeaways in there - anything more than that will come out of my own private spending budget.

    Haven't done my big Tescos order yet but will do that over the weekend.shop.gif

    Hope everyone does well this month - thank you to everyone who keeps this thread running and as organised as it is.

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    I usually buy the maple flavoured golden syrup - it tastes pretty much the same anyway!!

    Sadly I've tried that and was met with scepticism, derision and cries from all three (including DH) of NEVER buy that again, it's NOT the same!!!

    Aldi's is my only hope I think - thanks for the suggestion anyway!

    Just came on today to edit my total - realised yesterday that I had called in to Waitrose on the way home and forgotten to add it on :rolleyes: - I was quite surprised as I haven't been there for a while and I always think of it as the place I do my gourmet shopping when I am doing something special, but their essentials range was actually not at all bad. We've had their tomato and basil sauce before (for when DD wants to cook herself dinner and can't be bothered to make it from scratch) and it's only 99p for a jar - and tastes far more expensive. Seeing as a jar makes her two meals (if you add in the value spaghetti and cash and carry cheese, LOL) it's not too bad.
  • Hi everyone

    Welcome to the newbies, check out the recipes on page 1 if you need any help or fire away with the questions - loads of knowledgable money savers on here who will help out.

    Budgets done up to and including Money Saving Diva

    Thanks everyone
    Helen x
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    rachelmk - have a wonderful day tomorrow

    MRSMCAWBER - thinking of you this week and hope all goes well

    I didn't do my usual weekly shop yesterday because I still have plenty left from the bagloads my mother sent me home with on Monday. I am hoping I can last until at least Tuesday, maybe even Thursday with help from the freezer as I have guests next weekend and would prefer to do only one shop.
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    well just been and done my weekly shop and spent £115, which is a bit more expensive than normal for my weekly shop but stocked up on wipes and nappies which were on special so should save later on in the month on those
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    Hi all,

    NSD yesterday as I am off sick with a bad cough.

    I am struggling with the ethical vs cheap food debate - I really want to go organic, fairtrade etc but don't think I can afford it...maybe it is that I lack faith in my cooking skills, and am afraid of mucking it up and ending up having to chuck it out. And I am always tempted by cheap meat and offers.

    Any ideas/tips to help lower the cost of organics? (or point me in the direction of a suitable thread)

    Outdoor Lass - Where do you buy your meat from? It seems good value, I have been looking at the meat/veg box schemes and at ~£60, I would have to do some seriously creative cooking/eating and keep other spends to an absolute bare minimum.
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    Hi everyone just joined today and lovin all your posts and great ideas. I have a family of 4 incl 2 teenagers and am totolly lost as to budgeting OH just changed jobs and money is now tight not sure how much to aim for but I think 280 might just do it. I am hoping with all your help and tips to cut this soon. XX
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