is this board an indication of the housing market

Having watched, replied and posted on this board in the last couple of months I have now witnessed a massive shift in the content. It has taken a sharp turn from cries for help and desperation to sell to normal questions about buying and selling. Given the hits that this site gets, could this be a could indication of the housing market or have I had too much wine? (Cue lots of sarcastic comments)
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  • Are we in a bear market rally or has the tide really turned? Opinions differ and as with everything to do with markets its foolish to predict unless you are paid for it and then only with your caveats incorporated in the fine print.
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    Not to mention the endless house price discussion overspill from the asylum.
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    54Druids - i'd be interested to know to. i've been on and off the whole site for quite a while, but only came to this board when we began thinking of selling a coupple of months ago, so i haven't seen a change like you have...
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    It's as reliable an indicator as any opinion poll based on a small sample of the populace.

    Consdier how many people regularly read and post here, and weigh that against the whole population of homeowners and buyers. It can't be a large proportion.
  • sensible or not, i do think there is a group of people, who are seeing now as a good time to buy as FTBs, they have decent deposits and good salaries and so are not having huge probs getting a mortgage. So they're producing quite a lot of "normal" housebuying queries on here. I'm not sure how representative this board is of the population, probably not very, BUT I do agree with you, there has been a definite shift in recent months.
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    Generally people gravitate to places like this out of necessity - they want help. I think the new posters on here are indeed indicative of a shift, as they are finding the forum to get advice and that advice is now on more mundane problems (although not to them! And I include myself in this).
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    It was a bit of a tongue in cheek posting and not meant in any other way. On a serious note, I do think in general the feel of the board is more positive. (no wine tonight, although if I don't find a house soon I think the wine bottle will be in a paper bag accompanying me in my cardboard box).
    Smile though your bank is breaking:)
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