September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • ChocClareChocClare Forumite
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    I am declaring at £338.05 which is an ASTOUNDING £11.95 under budget. Yay! :j

    I have the horrible feeling I may have forgotten something, but I don't think so. It was such a learning process actually to write down and LOOK at everything I spent during the month. It definitely made me spend less than I would normally do. My Tesco shop this week was £52.28, which I know you'll all laugh at, but it's usually over £100 - and I don't notice that we're short of food.

    Thank you everyone for all your support - even just knowing about where things are on offer or having someone sympathise is so helpful.

    OK, October, here we come.
  • greentgreent Forumite
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    Declaring Sept at over - not sure exactly how much, I guess about £30. Quite a few takeaways snuck in - oops!!

    Over to Oct! Thanks to helen jelly, rosieben & Mrs M!!

    greent x
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    Managed another NSD today - even with a quick wander around Mr M (bobbed in for a non-GC item)

    Declaring a monthly spend of just £58.00 (exactly), which is well under my months budget - and leaves me £3.76 in hand on my 'year to date' target :T

    This included £29.75 spent on Whoopsies - which had a shelf ticket value of £91.66

    Given I've used a lot of stuff from my freezers, I don't actually seem to have much space in them though...... But I'm putting this down to the fact I bought 4x500g packs of mince (2 of lamb, 2 of turkey) which I batch cooked into meals (total of 34 portions) for the freezer, rather than freezing the meat 'as is' and cooking when I first needed a meal from them. So, in theory, I guess I must have made a huge dent into the contents therein :)

    I've definitely got more space in a couple of my cupboards though - but I'm not sure if this is more due to me using stuff up (several tins of beans and tomatoes used in my batch cooking) or to me having sorted out my cupboards and moved things around :confused: I guess it's probably a mix of both, but I know I still have plenty left in them ;)
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    £87.51 this month,not good I know.Most of that is on fruit and veg. Again!!!.:mad:
    Want/need to spend less next month.and I will
    ilovetea x
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  • £189.24 for september please
  • KerfuffleKerfuffle Forumite
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    Hi all,

    , I haven't a clue by how much as everything got really complicated with having houseguests for 3 weeks, but I'd say it's more likely a fail than not.

    Well done to all those that managed it. Onward to the OCTOBER CHALLENGE.
  • milliejomilliejo Forumite
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    Declaring at £288 against a budget of £290 for September.

    Please put me down for £290 for October
  • SmlSaveSmlSave Forumite
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    Managed about £123 this month :D

    I'll count the pennies tomorrow
    Currently studying for a Diploma - wish me luck :)

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  • CheapskateCheapskate Forumite
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    Hi folks
    Not been here this month, but think I've overspent, although not by much. Please put me down as £410 for September. Onwards & upwards to a better October! :D
    A xo
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  • Mrs_Money_PennyMrs_Money_Penny Forumite
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    Hi All
    Done a big shop this afternoon at Asda £97.98 was going to do an online shop at MrTs but couldn't find a code for money off so didn't bother. Hopefully this shop will last 2 weeks. Got 2 joints of beef for £10, 3 packs of bacon for £5. So plenty of meat.
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