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    My mate will be 50 in March 2009, we have known each other since we were 17 \18, so quite some years.
    For his birthday he wanted to go to Ireland for a couple of days so we are doing that.I need to sort him out a pressy, when we were younger, we used to co cycling together, so I was thinking of getting him a model bicycle that has moving parts on a bit of wood (plack not sure how its spelt!) and either get it engraved or one with a metal (copper \ silver) plate on it that I can get engraved.Any thoughts where I would get something like that and prices.

    Secondly for me, been thinking about a party, but its so expensive;-

    Hall £200
    DJ £200
    Food £7 per head [EMAIL="=@£350"][email protected]£350[/EMAIL]

    I don't want wife \ family doing food, its too much work, looked at trying to get cheaper hall, but can't find anything I like,so I was thinking about doing music our selves,MP3 player and amplifier \ speakers, would that work,My wife has MP3 player, so I guess just need to get amplifier \ speakers,can these be hired?


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    My 50th birthday was this year and my daughter arranged to take me on a chocolate tour in London (they also do one round Chelsea). It was fab
    www.chocolateecstasytours.com, very original idea and better than things (especially things that need dusting).

    Other half took me away to Compleat Angler @ Marlow , good rooms and Restaurants in area/
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    Thanks London05.

    Don't fancy a chocolate tour, did think about a weekend away with the wife, but its our 10th Wedding Anniversary at the end of May, my birthday is 6th April,so wouldn't want to go away so near to the anniversary.

    Any one got thoughts of DIY DJ, or where I can get a model bicycle on a plinth, seen some on ebay, but they are plastic plinths, might be a bit tacky.

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    Our first year together and my OH will be 50 on Christmas Eve. Difficult to arrange a party as his family will be doing their own thing in preparation for Christmas Day etc.

    So, thought of going somewhere but would have to travel on 24th December and would have to be in UK. Want to incorporate something of interest rather than just a romantic weekend. He loves being scared out of his wits i.e. scary ride or speed. Looked at the Ferari rides but the max mph is not very high!!! Thought the best thing would be white water rafting?

    Plus any ideas on pressie?? Hobbies? Used to go fishing, play darts but does not do this anymore (not my doing I assure you).

    Budget around £150 but would stretch it if found something very special.
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    Thinking caps on Guys! It is my birthday on 7th August and my hubby keeps asking what I want to do. It will be an unusual date which will only occur again in a thousand years.

    What can I do to celebrate my birthday at 12.34 and 56 on 07.08.09?

    I will be 55 which added will make the final 10!

    One idea was to meet under Big Ben, Another was to go to a pub or restaurant with a number in it! Hold somekind of number based party but cannot think of much. Need your amazing imaginations and brilliant ideas desperately. Regards W
  • Try this, its your picture . co . uk (sorry won't let me post link?), get a pic of the both of you done when you were kids or something, that way it's something unique and personal to the two of you...and they look fab (we had one given for our wedding pressie last year!)

    Good luck!
  • I think I may need some help too. My name is Chris Freville. I have a housemate (since 7th February 2003) named Maria Christina. We want to celebrate her mothers 50th birthday. She likes classic music, cakes and movies but we couldn't combine these 3 things in one present..
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