Haymarket station or the main one?

in Scotland
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I have to go on a training course tomorrow and have tickets booked to Edinburgh, now when i type in the postcode on multimap it gives me this..


Is it better to get off at Haymarket and walk or get it right into edinburgh?

Is it possible to walk from Haymarket to Edinburgh in a reasonable time?

One more things that I hope fellow MSE'rs can help me with is.... any good shops in Haymarket or should I just go to Edinburgh (if its walking distance).


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    Get off at Haymarket - it is closer - about 5 minutes walk (if that). I used to live just behind the station.

    Depends on what kind of shops but Haymarket does not really have much.

    You are pretty much city centre where your course is - all the main shopping streets are just past where you are - Princes Street, George Street, Rose Street, Multrees Walk and then you can get back on the train at Waverley Station.

  • according to your map you should go right in to waverly station. theres more shops near that station aswell.
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    I would get off the train at Haymarket and walk to your location, then when finished you can walk along Princes Street, do your shopping and get the train home from Waverley. Thursday late night shopping so most of the shops will be open until 9.00 pm.
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    Princes Street is 1 mile long. Waverly station is at the East end so you will have just over 1 mile to walk from there to the West end and your destination. Haymarket station is less than 1 mile from your destination so if the train stops at Haymarket you will be at tou destination quicker from there but you will MISS ALL THE LOVELY TRAM WORKS in Princes Street.
    Hope you enjoy your course and your visit to Edinburgh.
  • Thanks everyone for replying so quickly and with lots of information!

    I think I'll get off at Haymarket and have a brisk walk to the course as the train arrives at 9.14 and course starts at 9.30am (although I did warn them I may be slightly late)

    Luckily the course finishes at 3.30pm and I'll have time to browse the shops and maybe get a bargain or two if I'm lucky and then get the train from the Waverly station (and hopefully some Millies cookies with my coupons from the station) back home.

    Thanks again for all your replies. I knew I could count on fellow MSE'rs to point me in the right direction :-)

    Sugar xxx
    "The journey of 1000 miles commenced with a single step"
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