Absolute nightmare with Sky / Openreach

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Afternoon all! I'm having a nightmare with SKY at the moment and wondering whether anyone else has had similar problems or can give me advice on who to escalate this too? If this reads a bit like a letter...it is, it's my complaint letter! Cheers all.

I moved out of my previous property at the beginning of August, and called up to notify SKY of the move. When I moved into my new property, there was a working phone line registered with BT. After speaking to Sky Talk Homemovers, they arranged for the line to be switched to SKY in order for me to have a dish fitted and start receiving services. I was told this process would not take long.

A few days later, when the ‘switch’ occurred, my phone line stopped working in its entirety. After several phone calls to Sky Talk Technical, they arranged with BT Openreach to visit and check the line. I was not told when Openreach would be visiting nor given any notice as to when they turned up – so when they turned up on my door, I was at work, 20 miles away.

Accepting that these things happen, I called Sky and started the whole process again. This time, I was told I would receive notice as to when they would arrive in order for me to be in and allow them access to the property. Once again, they turned up with no notice, and once again, I was at work.

I called SKY, again, and another callout was arranged – and you guessed it – I was given no time or day or call-back to say it had been arranged, and once again, they turned up without notice. This process now takes us into the second month.

After a somewhat fraught phone call, I requested yet another appointment and demanded (politely) a set date. I was given the afternoon on 24 September 2009. Whilst leaving work at 11am and taking a half day holiday, I get a phone call – from Openreach, who have turned up outside the property for an afternoon appointment at 11am. They told me they could not wait until I got home and nor could they rearrange another appointment.

Subsequently, I am still without a phoneline, still without SKY, and also without any form of landline in the property.

To date, I have had to sit and make over 20 phone calls to SKY trying to sort this, each time sitting on the phone holding for over 30 minutes, and I can not face doing this again. The customer service at SKY has left me extremely disillusioned with the company and I have no faith that I will get this sorted. I emailed Sky Customer Relations and received no reply. I asked to speak to a manager on the phone and was told I could not.

Oh, and they've charged me full price for the two months!

Can anyone give any advice on where to go next? I'm in contract until December and I would like to stay with them, but this is just too much!
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    Now, this strictly isn't Sky's fault, but more so BT OpenReach. However, you are not getting the best service you want from two huge companies. The best thing I can think of it to drop an email to the highest part of Sky customer service, and the way you do this is to e-mail Jeremy Darroch ([email protected]) and basically detail what you've told us.

    Give it a few days and someone will call you back, hopefully with a solution to your issue.

    Fingers Crossed eh?

  • Hi,

    Did you ever get this sorted?

    I am expecting a phone line installed today by BT openreach (Via Sky). A lot of people have told me not to expect them to turn up. Its a morning visit (8am-1pm) and I have a family member sat in our house waiting for them whilst i'm at work.

    Just interested to see if and how you ever got this sorted.

  • Did openreach turn up in the end for either of you? I have just had tv installed, originally this was booked in for the 7th but it was moved forward and am struggling to get the phone installation moved foward to match!
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