September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    rachelmk wrote: »
    Just wanted to say congratulations on the cats to FireFox!
    I wouldn't be without my little dog - animals are so much nicer than men! (And I'm getting married soon!)

    Your lovely furries will give you plenty of company and affection - who needs men!?!;)
    I totally agree hun.My doglets and DGD are my babies:D:D
    Had another NSD today, am trying to save up to go to India again next year, so wil have potato n leek soup for tea, and dream of the sun:D:D
    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

    (Kabat-Zinn 2004):D:D:D
  • Hi everyone

    JackieO, Mrs-Tradition, Firefox, Russetred - thanks for your totals

    Debtmuncher & Skilly - welcome to the thread - of course you can join, please post your budget for October in red so that I see it and don't forget to look at the great recipes at the start of the thread for inspiration if you need any - have fun.

    Mrs-Tradition - my budget is for 2 adults and 2 children [aged 6 and 9] I don't include alchohol [yet] and we don't do many ready meals so we have alot of fresh stuff but try to get as much whoopsied as poss and I also include all toiletries and cleaning stuff cos at the end of the day it has to be paid for but some people are really good and set up seperate budgets for all types of stuff [this is what I'm going to try from January] - hope all this info helps you

    Scotsaver - I can't get that recipe, can you post it or tell me where it came from please - thank you

    Having the last of the rubber chicken tonight that was cooked on Sunday for tea.

    Have fun everyone

    Helen x
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    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • my budget is £480 / october its already arranged as in a dmp. thats for two adults four kiddies with myself being a non meat eater.
  • ta for the welcome fellow members, quite excited as i although i am more or less in my monthly budget i would be quite interested to know for sure how much i am exactly spending lol
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    helen jelly - the Weetabix cake is here
    Grocery Budget : January £124. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirreled away = £34.47
    Grocery Budget : 2022 £1560. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirrelled away = £34.47
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    Hi All,

    I haven't posted much this month but I have kept up with the thread.

    Good luck with the furbaby Fire Fox. Our two moggies are rescue cats and they give us so much pleasure they are worth every penny spent on them.

    With just two weeks to go, my budget seems to be standing up to the challenge very well. Not really sure why this is as I have written everything down and updated the signature regularly so it is a true account of what has been spent.

    Maybe Old Style is just so effective that they should be teaching it in schools. Anyway, We are begining to build up stockpiles of food here at Puddleglum Mansions so Christmas should be a doddle this year as the December budget will be spent on extras if we can keep this up!

    Best wishes everyone.

    "A thousand candles can be lit from a single candle without shortening the life of that candle."

    I still am Puddleglum - phew!
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    hi nsd for me today,fridge bottom soup made.
    my news my oh has got a job ,its only for 3 months so i will continue to do the grocery challange ,
  • Eek! Popped to the shop on my way home to get some milk, TV guide and 2 x newspapers so I now have a grand total of 83p to last me until next week!

    I have enough food in to get to next week, but am running low on toilet rolls, shampoo, toothpaste and body spray (all at the same time, oh joy!) so I might have to go over my target to get those. I'm also probably going to see my brother and sister at the weekend so will no doubt end up buying something.

    Also (another also), I started a new job this week so am taking lunch in rather than picking at bits I have at home. I'll try and use up what I have lurking in the cupboards so I may be taking rice cakes and crackers for lunch :p
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
  • Fire_Fox wrote: »
    I had a homecheck from Cats Protection last week and I have just found out that I passed! :D

    The cat will need expensive food as they will be indoors only (deaf or partially sighted) so not getting as much exercise as usual.

    Aww congrats :D

    I really want a cat! I saw a gorgeous one in a rescue centre which has cat flu and really wanted to look after him, but my landlady said no to pets :(
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
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    Well, I've had three NSDs (on groceries, though we did spent c. £16 plus petrol going out for the day on Sunday) in a row, but today I had to pop into M&S for veg and bananas (£4.07) and the Poundland for milk (£2).

    (I can't believe they're selling milk for that price! I've been paying £3 for 2 x 4 pints on offer in Tesco and thinking that was good!)

    I'm set to come in way, way under budget for my first month, though I have to admit this is really because there's only about a fiver left in the account so there simply isn't any money there to spend! I'm not sure how I'm going to do next month, though, since I've already got a pretty long list of things we've run out of and therefore need to stock up on!

    Oh, and for whoever was asking, I include food, drink, catfood, toiletries, cleaning stuff, loo roll, tissues, kitchen stuff (baking paper, plastic boxes etc.) - anything I buy in the supermarket, basically. And I'm spending on two adults and a 3 1/2 year old boy.
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