September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    JackieO wrote: »
    Sometimes one gets the urge just to have a wander around the shops just to see how the prices are but I have resisted that as I think thats when you can be tempted by 'Oh that looks good, and on the offer' I have some old christmas cards that I have cut up into handy purse size pieces and I keep them in the kitchen by the kettle.If I really use the last of something and need to replace it then I put it down on my card and until I have at least five things on there I don't go near a shop. Sometimes its just a case of substituting something to save popping out for just one thing .I used up a litre of longlife last weekend rather than go out just to get some milk.
    I live so close to a shopping presinct its only a few minutes walk away so I do have to really make an effort to stay away. I have been turning in the opposite direction when going out for a walk and going round to the park instead.Nothing to spend and cash on there. Slowly working down my freezer I can see a little bit of room in there but I am hoping not to put any more in until its empty so I can give it a good defrost before Christmas.I'm already thinking ahead for whoopsied stuff from Christmas to go into a nice empty freezer :)
    Well onwards and upwards chums

    Some wise words there Jackie, thanks. I just wsih I managed to apply them instead of just agreeing :o.

    I am down to my last £25 - will need fruit, veg, milk, bread to get us to the end of the month but fingers crossed we will make it. My DH was laughing at the freezer inventory - there is more stuff in there than there was at the start of the month :o. I can't help it, the 'bargains' just suck me in.

    For this to work in Ocotober I know I have to make myself meal plan based on what is in the freezer - then I think one big online shop at the start of the month with weekly top ups for F/V from Aldi or Lidl.
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    Firstly huuuge hugs to Firefox and greent.I hope things get better for you both.
    I'm not sure where the finances are ,I'm either just over or just under budget.I finish tomorrow so I'll add up then.
    Helen can you put the russetred house on a budget of £425 for Oct please and thanks for taking on the GC summary.
    I had some M/Shops today so free brekkers and a pile of groceries, technically then a NSD for me.
    Still working thru the freezer to make room for the whole mutton which makes for creative cooking!
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    I think I may actually, for the first time ever, come in on budget this month :D

    My month doesn't end until Sunday, but I've been out today and picked up enough milk to see us through, and every else is well stocked.

    The only spend I'll have is if eldest, who is currently on a residential trip with school, really fancies something 'off-plan' for tea when he gets home - he'll have been on set meals all week, and is a picky eater, so I'm expecting him to be thinner on Friday than he was on Monday - either that or he'll have finally discovered some meals I can actually add to the list *please*

    So, as it stands I have £5.47 remaining, and no actual shopping 'needs' - fingers crossed.
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    Can I ask you guys, I know we all differ as to what we include in our grocery budgets but do you mostly include toiletries, cleaning products and loo rolls etc? I do.
    I don't - I have a separate budget for that.

    I don't include food for the dogs either (yet another budget), though a lot of others include pet food too.....

    In fact, my GC budget is only for food and drinks for humans - but doesn't include the meals DS buys at college (he pays for those out of his EMA, though he was told he could take a pack-up at "my" expense if he wanted)
    Also how much do you are your budgets for how many? I get inspired when I see people living on the same amounts or less as what I budget and they have 4 mouths to feed or something.

    My budget is for 2 adults and 1 toddler.
    Mine's for me and my 18 year-old son on a full-time basis, GDs (4 & 6) for after school snacks (also did 21 main meals for the younger one when she was at pre-school), and 20 year-old son when he's home on leave (just short of 11 weeks so far this year).
    Grocery Budget : January £155. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
    Grocery Budget : 2021 £1825. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
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    fantastic thread! never popped in before so find it all impressive...well done to everyone!!

    hoping to join octobers if thats ok?
    Welcome aboard :T

    Just work out a budget for yourself (don't set it too low for a first month, always disheartening to 'fail' in the early days), then post it in large red type....... that'll get you added to the list for the October thread :)
    Grocery Budget : January £155. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
    Grocery Budget : 2021 £1825. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
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    Hi all,been looking in each day since august challenge .if its ok i would like to join in octobers ?.
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    I have decided to stick with £100 for October please - Mr. Fire Fox may be leaving me on the 7th but there is a new addition to the household arriving soon after ... I had a homecheck from Cats Protection last week and I have just found out that I passed! :D

    The cat will need expensive food as they will be indoors only (deaf or partially sighted) so not getting as much exercise as usual. I know about nutrition from my job so am willing to spend the extra. Thanks ever so much for all your good wishes, I hope that my new furbaby will look after me. :o

    Welcome to Skilly and all the other newbies!
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  • Updated my total with today's spends, had to get some more Fruit and milk so pushed the Budget even more over, however, I was thinking about it earlier and thinking I've not done badly really when you think that I've made my Xmas Puds, Xmas Cake and Mincemeat all out of this month's GC.;)

    Dinner tonight will be Sausage, mash (still using spuds from the Garden), carrots, green beans(also from the Garden) and loads of Gravy, no Pud tonight as I've made a [URL="htt"]Weetabix Cake[/URL].:D

    Have a good afternoon everyone.;)
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

  • Yesterday WAS a NSD, but today, I had a chance to get out at lunchour. So I ambled past the Asian Supermarket near the office, and bought noodles, creamed coconut, shrimp stock and lemon pepper costing €7.20 (very good value for the amount I got) and 3 vanilla pods in the deli (€9) which I will use to make fabulous vanilla sugar for baking with (I just shove them into a large jar of castor sugar for a couple of months, for presents of Christmas cookies, and then use the pods for a sponge cake or custard or something after).

    Must start tracking properly now to capture everything.
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  • Just wanted to say congratulations on the cats to FireFox!
    I wouldn't be without my little dog - animals are so much nicer than men! (And I'm getting married soon!)

    Your lovely furries will give you plenty of company and affection - who needs men!?!;)
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