September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Been home bargs n sainsbugs today, n spent £18:rolleyes::rolleyes:DD actually thinks Sainsbugs is cheap:mad::eek:
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    Courgette fritters...

    Thank you for posting this. My sister and I attempted a 'recipe' a while ago which only said it needed courgette and eggs. We weren't convinced, but carried on and made them and they were completely tasteless. I'll try yours next time! :)

    I went to Tesco earlier and spent just over £15. Got a chicken and some veg for a roast on Sunday as well as other bits. Just went into town to get some potatoes (as they taste lovely) so that was another 99p. I'm very close to my total, so will see how I get on next week, although I don't need a lot so should be ok!
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
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    have unearthed a big tin of Marvel thats still in date from the back of my cupboard .Can anyone tell me how much to use to make a pint, I think I bought it after Christmas in case the weather turned too frosty for me to go out and have never used it. I know you can use it by the spoonful in tea/coffee but I wondered if I could use it to make custard or rice pudding if it was made up to a pint .There doesn't seem to be any measurements on the tin.

    On the Marvel website it says 4 heaped tablespoonsful plus one pint of water.
  • 666paw - thank you for your total for Oct - I will add it to the new thread - Helen x
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  • flying fresian - I'm a 'serial quitter' meaning that I've stopped I don't know how many times but always pick up again. I start the second pack of patches today so it's been one week. I do wish I could go cold turkey and save the money but I have Atypical Bipolar Disorder and made myself very ill the one time I tried it that way :( Well done on your quit :)

    cw18 - For doing mince in the SC, just follow the recipe you usually use but add a bit less water (as it won't reduce as much as on the stove). I usually put the SC on high until all the ingredients are in and then turn it down to low until the food's cooked. You can brown the mince and onions in a pan before you put them in but I don't usually bother.

    I'm rather cross as yesterday put me over budget (NRT patches are no longer on Rollback at ASDA). And I've now run out of Agnus Castus so that'll be another £10 tonight/tomorrow. The good news is that I received a cheque for £20 in the mail yesterday so all is not lost!

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    notjustlaura have sent you a PM re patches
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    Have updated my signature by another £19.90 spent today which should last us until we go to Greece on Tuesday.

    So please MrsMC/Helen can I declare at £84.60 for September :T:T:T and go for £120 again for October - thanks.

    Quite pleased with my efforts this month (she says modestly!) and looking forward to further challenges in the months ahead.

    Still succumbing to the ?obsession? with buying 49p bags of pears at Lidl - another one today - well I think spicy pear chutney is the answer if any more space can be found in the newly formed "chutney/jam/pickle" part of the cupboard :cool: Find myself thinking (sadly) could I be preserving some of the wonderful Greek fruit & veg while I am away???? no - stop- you are going on holiday!

    Will no doubt pop into the thread while I am away to see what's going on.:beer:
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    Too busy/disorganised to do the Mr T order this week :o so just popped into Mr S (near work) for the really urgent things. Will have to get a couple more things tomorrow, but pleased with how the month is going. After 3 Wednesdays so far this month, my target is 3x£55=£165 so I'm well under target so far. And I haven't had to spend any of my budgeted £30 for entertaining yet, either.
    I'm pleased I've kept my spending diary up to date as well. :j
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  • Ellemm - will update - thank you

    Helen x
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    Didn’t actually need anything but I couldn’t resist getting one of the 1.4kg chicken for £2. It’s not actually a happy chicken, but it is red tractor – so it is British & semi-happy!

    While I was in there I picked up a pack of Finest Lincolnshire chipolatas & a pack of Finest traditional pork sausages whoopsied to a quid each (normally £2.59 each). I don’t like the cheap sausages, as I like to have a high (British) pork content, so I am always pleased to be able to get the good ones reduced.

    Payday on Wednesday & I should just need a few bits & bobs on Monday. So with £10 left in the budget it shouldn’t be a problem.
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