September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Christmas pud? Can I come a visit, scotsaver?

    Hi notjustlaura - that's funny, I used to live a few miles from Glasgow where I was born and brought up but now live just outside London so it would be a long trip for you.;)

    The recipe I use is Delia Smith's - posted the link a few messages back, it's really easy to follow so you could give it a try - I promise you once you've made your own you'll never buy another shop bought Pud.;)

    Angelfeathers - well done on all the cooking and bread making - I always use the bread maker but after watching Economy Gastronomy I feel motivated to try making some by hand - have said it in the past but keep using the machine.:o

    Another NSD today but will need to get a couple things tomorrow and will stick to the list.

    Dinner tonight is HM pizza with salad and HM wedges using spuds from the Garden.;)

    Have a good evening everyone.:D
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    hi...wanted to share a recipe....i got a bashed tim of coconut milk in asda for 20p....i put it some pudding rice...sugar...desicated coconut...butter and currants in the sc and made a lush rice pudding...on low setting for about 4 hours....i followed the amounts on the tesco rice pudding packet...very easy but turned our well

    i got over charged in asda last night so i went back today and got a refund...and a £2 gift card that i nipped in and spent on x2 bars of galaxy sure it will taste even better as it was free...only spending today was on veg and salad from the local a low spend day

    take care
    onwards and upwards
  • Learned my lessons this afternoon - not to send OH shopping and definitely not to send him to Somerfield: I asked for carrots, potatoes, ham for sandwiches and a tub of Vitalite. Cost - £6.18!! He bought 4 huge baking spuds at a cost of £2.64 and then the Vitalite cost almost twice what Tesco are selling it for, coming in at £1.14. We live and learn!!
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  • CHocClare - I have been dwelling over your words about how to oragnaise your salary - ie give to charity, save, pay bills - whats left use for food. As I mull that over I realise that the advise could work for me - I am more likely to be frugal if I know that there's no safety net. My new month starts next week and so I am going to give it a go.

    Another NSD for me today.

    Ninno x
    44 day challenge

    1. Pay £650 off overdraft (£ 288/ £650)
    2. Lose 12 lbs (4.5/ 12)
    3. Use YNAB everyday (6/44)
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    Angelfeathers - I'm 36 and I *still* love cleaning the bowls! Sounds like you had a really good day :)

    Hee, I'm 36 too and yeah, I always used to clean out the bowls myself, until the last year or so once DS was old enough to do it himself!

    Sometimes I sneakily bake after he's gone to bed - that way I get to lick the bowl! :-)

    A couple of small spends today:

    £2.42 for eggs and spinach in M&S for tonight's fritatta, using up the rest of the spag bol

    £2.90 in the corner shop for milk

    I would also have been buying tomatoes and cucumber for dinner/lunches, but when I dropped DS off at Mum's (she looks after him while I work) she asked me if I wanted some more of her home-grown ones! So I got them free, and god, they are gorgeous. :-)
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    Hello all,

    No Spend Day today, :j

    Breakfast: Toast with Hm fig jam (it has actually set well and tastes pretty scrummy)
    Lunch: Cheese rolls, crisps, fruit, chocolate
    Dinner: Pasta Bake - I was going to have meatballs, chips and gravy ala IKEA but would need to get some cream for the sauce. As I wanted a NSD, I decided to just have pasta instead
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    Sometimes I sneakily bake after he's gone to bed - that way I get to lick the bowl! :-)

    :rotfl: @ ninja baking :D

    I got my Asda delivery tonight and it came to £55.11 - total promotional savings of £9.92 :j

    This included 4 packets of SuperNoodles for £1 - I love my OS cooking as much as the next person but SuperNoodles are my guilty junk treat. I love them. I know they're trash but......can't resist at that price :rotfl:

    Cleaning stuff 2 for £1. (£1.60 each for the Flash sprays!)

    I also have enough cat litter for another 4-6 weeks which is good. My October Challenge starts on Wednesday next week so I wanted to stock up on things like cat litter when someone else had to carry it up the stairs! I also got loads of meat on their 3 for £10 deal (Chicken breasts x 4, burgers x 10 and MAHOOSIVE packet of mince)

    I'm off now to check the rest of my posts and then portion up the meat for the freezer and chop mushrooms - 2 packets for £1 - for the freezer too.
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    Hello all - was supposed to have three NSDs but that went the way of all flesh - firstly, my DD went down with the dreaded lurgy (not Swine Flu thank goodness, although one of her friends does officially have it) and I had to buy Stuff to tempt her to eat at all. Bought Hot Cross Buns at Tesco's on Monday (all she fancied). I have to say, they are Jolly Good Value, chaps - 30p for 6, can't say fairer than. Unfortunately, I knew if we had HCBs in the house, the two basking sharks wouldn't be able to resist, so I had to buy two lots... and some yellow-ticketed fruit... and some garlic bread...
    Yesterday, I had a meeting that finished 10 minutes before supper was due, DD was saying, Mum, I could really fancy one of those Big Soups with lamb, DS came home from college and announced he didn't have to go back till next Monday so would be requiring lunch all week (= junk food) and we needed milk. Oh, and chicken breasts were £3 for 4 in the co-op which I thought was not bad, so we had those for supper tonight because I couldn't be bothered to cook whatever was on my plan. So basically a bit of a rubbish week, but when you're ill and still having to work you find your get up and go has got up and gone... Will adjust signature later, when I find the receipts...
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    After a couple of huuuuuge vets bills this week due to a blockage from stones (£118.75 on Monday for X-ray etc, and £435.67 today for operation) - and leading to a special 'doggy diet' once the results are in from the lab in a couple of weeks (raising dog food bill for this one animal from £10/month to closer to £60/month :eek: ) - I'm currently working on a total and thorough stock-take of ALL foods in the house so I can try and work from what I have in as much as possible while I clear the vets costs back off my plastic !!!!

    Started on my cupboards after lunch, and haven't even finished the second one yet (had a break of 3.5 hours due to collecting GDs from school, meeting their Mum off the bus outside the vets to 'hand them back', collecting the dog, then making and eating tea). I did a quick, but reasonable, stock-take a few months back - but still didn't realise I had as much of some things as I have............ who needs 24x185g tins of Tuna when only one person in the house eats it, or 13 tins of chopped tomatoes and 7 tins of baked beans when we normally only use 1 of each in any month :rolleyes2 And I still have some boxes to dig out of the back of a cupboard in another room that contain jars and tins, so I could find more of these yet ;)

    Did have one small spend today though..... rattled through Mr M for a non-GC item just before lunch, so checked the Whoopsy sections. Found a 500g pack of turkey mince for 89p instead of £1.78, so picked that up to try out on DS. We had mince & veg (already made and frozen) with mash on Monday, and while it was heating up he commented on it being a different mince to normal - but the same as we'd have the previous time. I admitted it was, expecting grief as he's long since said the only mince he likes is the frozen value stuff, - but he said he preferred it !!!! It was pork mince (whoopsied) in my last batch, but decided it was worth a try with the turkey mince for next time ;)
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    Another €17.48 gone down the drain yesterday for meat...OH is really into his lamb chops at present so costing a fortune....he had less than 100g of pork mince in his dinner to-day to make up some of the cost!

    Now at €133.41 spend so far this month.

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