Electron card for saving money

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I applied for one of these cards a couple of weeks ago.

I`m delighted to say it`s just saved me and a mate £15 each in credit card charges for 3 sectors on Ryanair flights next month :j

They are available with Halifax via the easycash link


  • I made some rather scathing comments about Ryanair on this very forum a few months back and I need to eat my words a little now I've travelled a few times with Ryanair. Provided you aren't picky where you go, there's nearly always a £5 flight available (even during the school hols) and I've just booked 2 return flights to Germany in October half term for a total of £20, all thanks to the Halifax electron card I was sent on an old account I no longer use. Just transfer money over when you're ready to pay for your flights (it's instant using Halifax Internet Banking) from your main account or savings account and you can pay for your flights avoiding the credit card fee!

    By the way, just got back from Stockholm Skavska (£40 in total for the two of us!) and it's well worth a visit - bus is 2 for the price of 1 at the moment from the airport into the centre of Stockholm, which means at the current exchnage rate, a 1 hour coach journey with luggage for 2 was just £4.50ish (get the local coach tickets at the airport not the Ryanair bus).
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    I have a Maestro card, which isn't a credit card, and yet got charged card fees, so I think I'll try and get one of these electron cards.
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