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What do they all mean?

I'm sorry - I'm having a blonde moment...

The signature on a lot of people's posts mention things like '£x saved in the £2 saver club' and suchlike... I'm a reeeeally keen newbie

are there little saver club ideas in here? I can't seem to find any forums along these lines. Could anybody enlighten me?

Thanks guys,

when i've sorted my siggy, it''l be something like this:
Trying to get £1320.63 reclaimed from barclays
Trying to get £1700 wiped clean from Tax Credits when they messed up
Trying to save so I can buy some food
Saved so far £0
got lots of freebies and coupons though ;)
£2 Savers club started 30/09/06.... £I raided it :(
Random coin jar = £35.51

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