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Great 'Best Value Cabin Luggage' Hunt

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  • It is not only in places far afield that Ryanair are clamping down on cabin baggage. At Edinburgh last week I watched the Ryanair rep relieve a 'customer' of £30 for having the temerity to purchase duty free and not be able to get it into the one piece of cabin baggage allowed. Watch for a dip in BAA profits on duty free sales ahead!!:think:
  • Travelling with my family I got clobbered with 4 handluggage cases at boarding that were too big. I have used these for a number of years with no problem but they have tightened up.BE WARNED.I have written to Easyjet and they have confirmed that if you have a bag of duty free or sandwiches etc that do not go into your handluggage they will charge and put one of then into the hold.Only 1 bag allowed including a laptop.
    I have just bought 2 compass cases which are below the requirements 25 litres and light.2 flat pockets on the outside.:confused:
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    Yup, can also confirm easyjet have tightened up this summer - luckily, OH had huge pockets, so shoes etc went in there so we could squeeze the packed lunch and little handbags etc into the suitcase. In fact, our cases were still too big, had they measured them, as they did most others in the queue. Mercifully, they avoided doing that to us, maybe having sympathy due to the 3 small children.

    But won't risk it next time.
  • woodkit wrote: »
    Just got some cracking cabin luggage from TJ HUghes. reduced to £20 from £50 rrp. Case weighs less than 2kg and measurements are 49 x 34 x 18 cm, apparently the worlds lightest case and it definately feels it compared to my hard case
    link below, currently showing out of stock but loads available instore.

    Sorry unable to add link as new poster so look on TJ HUghes wensite for suitcase and look for the 19cm case in the SUB 0 - G collection, available in blue, black or red.
    Can agree that I have one of these (unfortunately this thread was not running when I needed one)so had to buy full price but worth it!!!
  • I got one of these.

    Designed for the job although not as cheap as some of the bags mentioned ;-)

    Medium size foldaway
    This very popular cabin bag weighs less than 750g bag is fully compliant with the size limits of Easyjet and Ryanair set at 55 x 40 x 20 cms and is also acceptable to all the major airlines as well. Capacity 44 litres.

    £20 delivered
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    KathM wrote: »
    We usually use £12.99 wheeled suitcases from InS tore/Pundstretcher on Ryan Air flights, which bar the wheels fit the Ryan Air dimensions but they are very difficult for our children to carry up the plane steps. Having done a Google search on " bag 55 x 40 x 20", I found the following, which looks it will do the job nicely:

    Medium foldaway bag weight 750 g £20 at flylite uk products.aspx (won't let me post full link)

    yes, the flylite bag is good and very sturdy, we have one and it has been reccommended many times just do a search on the weighs almost nothing and is best bet if you dont mind carrying something but , like any soft sided bag, its easy to overpack it and then it wont fit the cage. So you have to be careful.
    The only cases that I know of that maximise the Ryanair dimensions are the Samsonite ranges but quite heavy and expensive. I read somewhere that John Lewis very frustrated about this as they would love to sell something that is just right for customers to use on Ryanair
  • Hi

    I have just tried to buy one of the medium flylite bags but after the link was posted here they have sold out but are expecting to have stock available for early next week.

    I need to get something for Monday, does anyone have any light alternatives that I could look at ?

    I have looked at a lot of roller trolley type bags but cant find anything less than 2.85kg and would be looking for something around the 1kg mark which would have made the flylite option great.

    My flight is Tuesday morning so need something for Monday.

    Avoid buying luggage with four wheels. I have purchased two suitcases (both from fairly expensive brands including one from Tripp and in completely different styles and sizes) and both have fallen apart during the first journey. One before I even got to the airport!
    The wheels are just not strong enough and also get very hot. (I burnt myself on one occasion).
    The tripp suitcase I bought with two wheels has been brilliant though.
  • A backpack all the way for me, very light, flexible. Speed past everybody else in the scrum to the plane as well :)
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