why have I been suspended?.....

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anyone else had the following email from ebay - and how do you sort it out?! Does anyone have a phone number for them? I have done NOTHING wrong - I've never bought/sold anything dodgy. I have a 100 per cent feedback rating. I've told them all this - but they insist on quoting me the details below. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Your account suspension is due to several discrepancies in your registration information as outlined in Section 8 of the eBay User Agreement. The section is entitled "Breach" and contains the following text:

"Without limiting our other remedies, we may immediately issue a warning, suspend or terminate your user registration and refuse to
provide our services to you without notice to you: (a) if you breach
this Agreement or the documents incorporated by reference; (b) if we are
unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us ; or
(c) if we believe that your actions may cause legal liability for you,
our users or us." Please understand that beyond the information
provided above we cannot provide you with further details related to
your suspension.

Your account is indeed under suspension, to be reinstated we do request
that you submit the documents as outlined below.

In order for your account to be reinstated we request that you fax us or
send us any document listed in Group One AND any document listed in
Group Two.

Group One - Evidence of Name

- Copy of a current full UK Driving License (Old version) - old style
provisional license will not be accepted.
- Copy of a Residence Permit issued by Home Office.
- Copy of both parts of a current UK Photo-Card Driving license.
- Copy of Building Industry Sub-Contractor's Certificate issued by the
Inland Revenue.
- Copy of a Benefit Book or an original notification letter form the
Benefits Agency confirming the right to benefits.
- Copy of a current signed passport including photograph.
- Copy of Inland Revenue Tax Notification with address showing.

Group Two - Evidence of Address

- Recent copy of Utility bill or a certificate from a supplier of
utilities confirming the arrangement to pay for services on pre-payment
terms. Mobile phone bills are not acceptable.
- Copy of Local Authority council tax bill (valid for the current year).
- Copy of both parts of a current UK photo card driving license (if not
used for evidence of name).
- Copy of Bank, building society or credit union statement containing
current address.
- The most recent copy of a mortgage statement from a recognized lender.
- Copy of Local Council rent card or tenancy agreement with address
- Copy of notification letter from the benefits agency confirming the
rights to benefit (if not used for evidence of name).



  • I take it you have tried to access the site using a different browser just to confirm the suspension, as if you haven't and have just read the emails this could well be a scam.
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    Are your contact details correct? This happened to a friend of mine a while back. He was selling a lot of stuff and if I remember correctly EBay tried to contact him by phone.

    Turns out he'd miskeyed his mobile number while registering his details, so they suspended him.
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    "Your account suspension is due to several discrepancies in your registration information"

    Isn't that your answer? Some of your registration info is incorrect. You can't get access to your account to change it now, so you will need to do as they ask and send the documents to them, and they should re-instate you. If you are still unsure as to exactly why you have been suspended, give them an e-mail explaining your situation and they should help you.

    Good luck with getting your account back.

  • Looks like your at fault just try and correct info.

    There is nothing worse than dodgy info when you are trying to sort problems out...
  • I think you may be a victim of a scam email trying to get you to part with private information for an identity scam.

    I have bought and sold on ebay for 20 months and have never provided them with this information.

    I have had similar emails asking me to update information or my account will be suspended but they are from scammers SO BEWARE, I WOULDN'T GIVE THEM ANY OF THIS ID THAT THEY REQUIRE.

    If you want to update your account information go to MY EBAY and update in my account but don't fax any ID.

    Hope this helps
  • This may be a scam!!
    Forward the email to [email protected]
    They will reply to you very quickly if it is a spoof email.
    Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!
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    Can you log into your eBay account OP? If it IS suspended, surely the e-mail IS real?!
  • tractor boy..it is a spoof email

    go to ebay ...NOT THROUGH ANY LINKS IN THIS E-MAIL but through your favourits or via a direct web search and CHANGE YOUR EBAY PASSWORD.

    If you have responded to this e-mail by following any links inside it and given any credit card / debit card info. PHONE THE CARD PROVIDER NOW. Ask them to cancel it because it's security has been compromised by internet related activity. They will send you out a whole new secure card with 10 days.

    If you want or need any more help e-mail me at [email="atotori_iki@yahoo.co.uk"][email protected][/email]

    I have 2+ years of ebay experience and receive spoof mails all the time. I' will be glad to help you make sure noone can steal your ebay id from you or use any card info you may have acidentaly revealed.

    kind regards
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    mccawz wrote:
    This may be a scam!!
    Forward the email to [email protected]
    They will reply to you very quickly if it is a spoof email.

    i always forward these type of emails to [email protected]
    and the same for paypal ones.

    if it is valid, then ebay will contact you again
    smile --- it makes people wonder what you are up to.... ;) :cool:
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    If the email was addressed to you by name it was almost certainly genuine as that is the exact email that ebay use when a user has invalid contact details.

    However, it is also possible that a scammer has got hold of a genuine email and copied it for less than honest reasons, so as has already been suggested the way to check is to log into your ebay account using your own secure screen (don't follow any links) and if you can't get in then the mail is genuine.

    When you register an account ebay accept your details as you provide them, this is why we are not routinely asked for proof via driving license or utility bill. However, once someone reports your details as invalid ebay will check themselves and if your address, telephone number or email doesn't come back as 'live' then you will be suspended until such time as you provide proof of your details (hence the faxed info).

    All you can do once you are happy that the mail is genuine is to provide the info that ebay requested. Once they have double checked your details you will be reinstated. Meanwhile your account will be showing as 'NARU' .

    One word of warning, while suspended you must not use ebay using another account or try to open a new account as using ebay while suspended means automatic and permanent suspension.

    Hope you get it sorted quickly

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