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August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Thanks for your suggestions re the butcher - I think I'll do 2 weeks menu plans and then order 2 weeks worth of meat and see how it turns out.

    I will also plan in at least 4 veggie meals during those 2 weeks - spinach pancakes (a real family favourite) sweet and sour mixed bean casserole (to use upsome of l those various tins of beans in the cupboard) for starters - I'll leaf through my Sainsburys veggie cookbook later for some more ideas.

    Recipe please!!!!! :D

    and firefox, that looks yummy!!!
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    Spinach pancakes recipe


    8 ounces flour
    2 eggs
    1 pint milk
    Salt and pepper

    Makes around 10 pancakes

    Spinach sauce

    1 pint milk
    1.5 ounces butter
    1.5 ounces flour
    1 lb frozen spinach
    Salt and pepper
    2 (or as many ounces as you can spare) cheese (it can be old, yellow etc as it's going to get chucked in the pan

    Oil for frying pancakes

    mix the ingredients together and give a good whisking - alow to stand for an hour then give another good mix before making pancakes

    Heat the oil in the pan - when hot tip out the excess so the surface of the pan is coated.
    Tip in 1 ladle of the mix (about half a cup) of the pancake mix and tilt the pan so it is spread evenly over the surface.
    When cooked on one side - 30- - 60 secs then flip or turn over using a fish slice (I use a fish slice) and cook the other side.
    Put the oil back in the pan - coat the surface and tip out excess - do this between each pancake
    Pile onto a plate until you have made all 10 -12

    Spinach sauce

    Mix the flour and butter over a low heat until blended together
    Gradually add the pint of milk stirring so it doesn't go lumpy

    When you have around a pint of smooth sauce then chuck in the spinach - it can either be frozen or defrosted

    Mix it all together so it makes a smoth sauce

    Once it it all blended together add the cheese and mix along with the salt and pepper.

    If you're really flush you can add some eggs as well (particularly egg yolks) this will make a nice rich sauce

    Now lay one pancake on a flat surfece.
    Add a large tablespoon of the sauce into the centre of the pancake and fold over in half
    The fold in the two sides and roll over so you have a sort of sausage shaped envelope

    Put into a baking dish which will be used for serving (I use a long oblong dish and can get around 5 or 6 in each dish

    Repeat with the other pancakes

    Once all the pancakes are used up cover the pancakes with any excess sauce and bake in the over at around 160C for about 20 minutes.
    You can also put grated chees over the top if you have any left although I don't really bother

    I usualy serve them on their own or with a salad

    They are really filling

    Any made up pancakes can be frozen. Alternatively the pancakes themselves can be piled up and rolled up and frozen or the sauce on it's own can be put in a plastic container and frozen

    Most people can only manage 2. Children can generally only manage 1

    Hope that helps

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    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom
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    hi...upsy (love that name)..i go to local butcher for special stuff like a joint for a birthday tea and for a turkey at Christmas sometimes but i find him to be expensive...lovely quality but too pricey for everyday use as it were....people on here do say that their butcher is cheaper than the supermarkets so it might be worth going in to your local and trying a small purchase to see how u get on...let us know what u find out

    hope everyone is well..i am weary of summer hellidays (not a typo)
    take care

    My DD1 who was living in Oxford as a student swore by the butchers in the covered market there because as a single person she could buy one chop or two rashers or whatever and not waste anything. She said it was better quality and cheaper than Tesco! She didn't have much in the way of space and a tiny freezer so buying in bulk was not economical for her. I guess if you are a big family with lots of freezer space the supermarket makes more sense.


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    Went to Tescos today and my total spend for this month is £302.29 so a little bit over my budget of £300 but I'm still pleased!

    Upsy Daisy - We started going to local farm shops / butchers as we couldn't find any free range pork in our local supermarkets. It's more expensive but we now tend to only buy meat for the weekends and have the leftovers / veggie stuff during the week. We've been a bit spoilt now by the quality of the meat and if we go somewhere and have supermarket stuff the difference in taste and quality is obvious.
    Hope it works out with the butcher!
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    I was hoping the September thread would be up and running but I will post here for now. Did my first shop of the new month at Sainsbury's and it came in a bit higher than I had hoped at £138.79(I costed it on Mysupermarket first), leaving £156.21 for the next 4 weeks' shopping. It did include a lot of meat and fish, but I did succumb and buy some shampoo and conditioner on special offer, which wasn't on my list! However, we are well stocked up now and as I am back to work next week I won't be able to pop to the shops for anything and will have to be well organised and stick to my meal plans.

    Off to visit DD2 in Brum tomorrow so will catch up on Sunday.

    Hope everyone is ok - hugs to all who need them!

  • I'm fairly chuffed with myself and declaring august as 387.62/380. Slightly over but I've included petrol, catfood, cat litter, all household stuff and groceries, and had days out with my dd and two birthdays to buy for-one at £12 ish and one at £33ish. Before I would have bugeted around £480 for the month and put some stuff on the cc. So I've reduced by about £100. I shall be trying for a smaller spend next month as have no birthdays and less days out as dd starts school.
    As a newbie I'd like to thank everyone on this board for the inspiration they have given me and the welcome and advice.
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  • Hi MrsM,

    Can you please put me down for £300 for September, I seem to be down for £80 and don't think I can do that yet!!

    GC/Aug2009 296 spent/300. GC/Sept2009 62/300. £100 Clothes Challenge 100/78
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    Declaring at £143.32/£150 coming in £6.68 under budget :D a bit close run in the end and only achieved by aiming for some NSD in the end.

    Taking the plunge and knocking £20 of September budget and increasing the number of NSD too :eek:

    Can you put me down for £130 for September please Mrs M?

    Thanks to Mrs M and Rosie for the thread and everyone's helpful advice :T PS How could I forget Pink too!
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    Well tonight is the end of my August and I declare at £166.28 which is £16.28 over and I have no idea why I couldn't stick to it this month as I haven't realy got any excuses.

    MrsM - please could you put me down for £160 for Sepember, I might manage to come in under if I try to be a bit more realistic.

    Good luck everyone - off to make a few lists and meal plans to se it I can get somewhere this time.
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