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Spend your Tesco Clubcard vouchers on Open University courses

edited 22 October 2010 at 11:51AM in Student Money Saving
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  • KateyNixonKateyNixon Forumite
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    Seems like I would need to sepnd £10,000 in Tesco to accumulate enough points for £100 worth of vouchers and redeem them to get £400's worth, is this correct?

    No this really isn't the case - firstly if you get a clubcard plus account you can get double points and would only need to spend £5000, secondly there are loads of ways of getting extra points if you look at the tesco voucher thread and other tesco clubcard threads on the money saving expert.

    Every couple of months there seems to be a chance to earn an extra 500 or 750 points shopping online if you look at the tescos voucher thread - this more than pays for a delivery slot and leaves you with £15-20 profit

    Also try collecting cartridges from people who throw them away they are worth 100 points each and you can do up to 30 of them a year so that is another 3000 points (£120) - or even buy used cartridges off ebay and you'll still make a handy profit

    We now do all our grocery shopping and petrol shopping in Tesco and it comes to no where near £10000 a year but I still reckon I'm going to get about £760 in vouchers to pay for my course over the whole year.

    Also, to answer another comment - this is the third year I have used Tesco vouchers to pay for my course so no it doesn't have to be just the first one you do.
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  • KateyNixonKateyNixon Forumite
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    NO-BRAIN wrote: »
    I read it though that you can only take part in deal on registration, so for example if you wanted to do a BSc in Health and social care and wanted to pay for it module by module (£600 roughly a time) then you can only use clubcard points for first module. i.e I cant pay for the first module and then start saving for the second module whilst i am studying the first part as i wouldnt be a new registration then??

    Anyone clarify this please? As I do shop at Tesco, fill up company car with Tesco petrol and would appreciate a cheap course, thanks

    I did the Health and Social Care Certificate and then went on to study this year as well and have also paid for next year almost entirely with clubcard vouchers - so yes you can do it.

    When you complete the first year of the H&SC degree, you are officially credited with a certificate in health and social care, but they don't send you the certificate unless you claim it. You just get this letter thing instead. Having read these posts I wondered if I claimed my certificate, would be classed as a graduate and not be able to pay by Tesco vouchers anymore.

    However I just rang the open university and they said the vouchers are valid for any undergraduate course.
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  • KateyNixonKateyNixon Forumite
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    irnbru1970 wrote: »
    :eek: :eek:

    ouch !! time to start a Womble kingdom in Glasgow !!

    many thanks for the calculation - I guess I can at least do a couple of the modules....



    how many years does it take to do an OU degree? If you are doing it over six you need only get 1/6 of those points per year and its not as simple as one pound spent for one point (see my other posts) - it is perfectly feasible to pay for your whole course with Tesco vouchers spending no more than £3500 or so per year at Tescos - just mug up on the other tesco clubcard threads on MSE

    For example if you get a Tesco credit card and put all your spending on it but pay off each month, or even as you go along (if your like me and cant be trusted) you'll get 1.25 points/£1 spent at Tesco and .25 point/£1 spent elsewhere (converted to OU tokens this amounts to 1% cashback on everything you spend outside tesco and 5% in tesco). Or better still get a clubcard plus account too and get double points on petrol and shopping at tesco (8% cashback).
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  • vtmilvtmil Forumite
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    Hi, I'm a current student with the OU. I was hoping to pay for my next course with points but have just read that it's for new students only. Is this true? Thanks Vtmil
  • No, as far as I'm aware it's for new courses, not new students.
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  • FloxxieFloxxie Forumite
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    Is it still the case that Tesco Rewards Tokens can't be used to pay for post-graduate courses at the OU?

    Yes, it refers to undergraduate courses only in the Rewards catalogue.
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  • huddstahuddsta Forumite
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    Sorry to dig up an old thread...

    Has anyone successfully used Clubcard tokens from family members with the same surname? I know it says they aren't transferable but...
    Bet match total as of 04/10 = God Knows + About £1000 Quidco. Time for Mrs Huddsta to have a crack!!!

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  • Hi

    I'm in Scotland.

    Can I use a mixture of ILA account and Tesco vouchers?
  • katyk_2katyk_2 Forumite
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    Can anyone please advise me if I can use Tesco points which I had already had transferred into airmiles? Is it possible to convert them back again/
  • AnnBarAnnBar Forumite
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    I'm in Scotland.

    Can I use a mixture of ILA account and Tesco vouchers?

    Yes you can. I have done it several times.
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