National Express 'free journey' vouchers

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Have a look at this auction

It's described as a 'scratch-and-go' ticket, presumably it's just a voucher code i can enter on their website and get a free journey. I've never heard of it before so can anyone tell me if they are legit? Would i have to lie about my name or company or something, as i imagine these are either promotional things or company travel vouchers. Thanks in advance


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    I know the train companies send them out for free journeys. Used quite a few myself I've had through the post, or sometimes they are £5 and go anywhere if not free. That was Wales and West by the way. All you do is fill in your name and address and hand the ticket over. I'm guessing the National Express ones would be pretty much the same, some sort of promotion they're doing. You may need to book but I'm sure you can be honest about your identity :)
  • Hmm I might just give it a go now, although I did get one response in the Travel forum warning against it. Has anyone else out there got knowledge of these tickets?
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    They're all over lots of auction sites, so chances are they are a legit promotion that is being exploited! It depends how much you get them for, National Express have got some good promotions on their site, 'go any where for £9' 'London for a £1' so if the auction price goes sky high it may be cheaper to do it the normal way! Sometime there's national express codes hanging around that give you discount, there's uaually at least a 10% one available. Good luck whatever you decide to do! :)
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