August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Did my shopping today and my total now stands at £54....i know that's over...but it's a lot better than I usually manage and I still have a full freezer and store cupboard! I won't declare yet as there's a week left in which anything could happen :D but I don't *think* I'll need anything else.

    i got some good bargains in julian graves too...brazil nuts and dried peaches and delicious soya milk :)
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  • Can I join? I dread to think what I do spend on food with four kids aged from 20 to 12 with hollow legs! i am never out of the local spar daily stocking up on ham, cheese, milk and bread.

    I bake but got disheartened when they all go in one day with the kids off school for the summer but wuill get back into it when they go back to school
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    I usually start my christmas food planning and buying from mid october but I went a bit mad today when I did my sainsbugs order and added an extra jar of cranberry sauce :D

    I used to buy MrM's stamps and found it a really good way of budgetting for christmas;

    The kids love cranberry sauce in their sandwiches would buy two jars of it each month:eek:
    I am determined to lose weight!:kisses3:
    Weight loss so far 2 stones 6lbs!! :j:j
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    Evening all! Hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine today. NSD for me. Found I needed some apricot jam to do the glaze on a French apple tart but managed to cadge a couple of spoonfuls from MIL. She also sent over her slow cooker -she doesn't use it and has given it to me! It is bigger than the one I had and an oval shape so will take a whole chicken. She's not a bad old stick is she?! I bought a lovely slow cooker recipe book a couple of months ago so I hope to put it to good use in the next few months.

    Off to bed now as early start in the morning and vistors to cook for.

    Night night all.

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    Hi I've been following this thread on and off for the last few months and now the kids are nearly back in school i'd love to give it a go. I'd like to set my total monthly spend at £120 - thats for me and 2 boys aged 4 and 10. I'd love to spend less than this - I do a lot of home cooking/baking but still seem to buy alot of quick and easy processed rubbish which i'd rather not!!!

    Thanks Emma xx
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    Welcome to the GC Sharon and Emma :hello: Pink-winged will start the September thread on about the 28th of the month and she'll post on her to tell us when its done; if you post your budget in red its easier for Mrs MC to spot and then she'll add you to the front page list

    Good luck! ;)
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    The kids love cranberry sauce in their sandwiches would buy two jars of it each month:eek:
    Our big Tesco (Bradford) had Ocean Spray cranberry sauce 350g jars reduced to 38p from £1.50, on the normal shelves not in the reduced section. No idea why as they are dated October 2010! :confused:
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  • Good morning all

    Have been completely MIA for about 2 months and I REALLY miss MSE. Had DS off school, DH having to take unpaid leave to look after him and me holding onto my job. I have MIL who remains a complete nonsense with money (have taken over the reigns of her finances since June).

    So, with all of this going on I'm quite jaded and disappointed with my efforts recently. Realising my MIL spent FOUR QUID on 20 capuccino sachets when she owes me a ton and the bank a ton, well.............:mad::confused:. Still treading v carefully with her emotions so don't feel equipped to address her ostrich-line behaviour.

    So, instead of me feeling upset and sorry with my lot (which truly isn't that bad), I getting back in the saddle for September. I miss the sense of community.

    Am away to read back but Mrs M please don't include me any longer this month, I promise to focus, focus, focus for September. Hugs to anyone suffering tough times.
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  • Good morning everyone,

    very rainy here this morning. Think I might browse through my recipe books this morning and see if anything tempts me. I tend to make much the same things and feel I could do with extending my menu.:rotfl:

    We are having chicken breasts in garlic and mushroom cream sauce today. Will also serve a variety of veg, just what I salvaged and froze in wee bags in the freezer. I know I have some mashed turnip and carrot and I think I have some cabbage and fresh peas and broad beans. Sounds a lot but there is not much in each bag so everyone might end up with different veg on their plate. I'm sure they won't mind, variety is the spice of life.

    Well off to explore the freezer, hope everyone has a good day.
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    We have now spent £271.83 out of our £300 budget. Hoping we can get away with just a few bits and bobs this week and trying to have enough left over for a wine box and some beer for DH (I'm pregnant, so not for me!), I think the lack of alcohol has helped us stick to budget this month, we normally spend far too much on it!

    A little off topic but does anyone else have real problems with supermarket fruit? In the past few weeks I have had so much stuff that never seems to ripen but instead just goes straight from hard to rotten, put a load of nectarines on the compost this morning as they had gone mouldy, we only ate a few from the punnet, and only one of them was tasty, the rest were hard. Rubbish! I hate wasting it.

    On the plus side I treated myself to a slow cooker from Tescos yesterday so looking forward to having a go with that.
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