August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • paulabearpaulabear Forumite
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    Please can I be in the September grocery challenge? Might help to keep me on track : ) I'd like to be down for 300 quid please to start off with (two adults two children a baby and a dog!) hoping to cut this down a LOT...
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    oh my goodness 21st already !! Roll on September - my birthday and Autumn starts - I love this time of year.

    I will start Septembers GC from 1st September as it is a Tuesday and I will be due my first shop the day after so will make the 1st a NSD. I am going to knock down my total for september so will have a think of what will be appropriate and discuss with DH as he will be in on it too.

    Hope everyone is ok.

    T xx
  • I've decided to buy savings stamps for Mr M's this year and count them as part of my grocery budget each month so I can be stay within budget (hopefully) at Christmas.
    I'm quite confident for christmas though as we never have gone crazy with the shopping just because it's christmas.:A haha!
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  • elly2elly2 Forumite
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    elly2 wrote: »
    Another NSD here today so am still at £6 :j, but tomorrow is Mr T's day I need cat/puppy food, cat litter and some stuff for sandwiches for the kids I am going to try for £25-£30, I dont really need much :rolleyes: (about £16 of that will be on pet food/litter :eek: and also needs to include £3 for the taxi home).
    Tea tonight was turkey leg,mash,peas and gravy for the lo's (i have had nothing as yet :eek:) Tea tomorrow will be spag bol from the freezer :D. I have some cooking apples that need using so will maybe get round to making a crumble or apple cake thing(?) for desert:D.

    Ended up spending £59 but £28 of this was on a breadmaker (MrTs own make) and after using it twice i have to say i am not impressed with it at all the paddle keeps getting stuck and the book is very unclear the recipe is for a 700g loaf if you want to make the 900g loaf you are told to scale the ingredients up :eek:) then i cant seem to get the menu button to go up to the 900g loaf timer :mad:.
    There is a fast bake option but no recipe to follow exept for a wholemeal soda bread which uses bicarb and baking powder ??? . Am considering taking it back and getting my money back, but DS took the box outside to make a car out of it :eek:. Does anyone know if MrT's will refund my money even if the box is a bit battered?
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    Hi folks

    Have just updated my signature and having done my main shop for the week ahead I have £6-65 to last till next Thursday. I think it's do-able as we have no need for any meat - maybe I will have to buy some fruit and veg.

    I am feeling quite pleased as we have had extras to cater for this month (APs went back home today) although we did have a weekend away and have eaten out more this month (a different budget though). I am feeling all keen to try and reduce the budget again for September - I will make a decision nearer the end of the week but would love to start bringing it down again after missing the target in the last couple of months! Still mustn't tempt fate!

    Hope you all have a nice weekend.

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    I would focus on the paddle getting stuck as that makes the breadmaker faulty. You then don't need the packaging or the receipt but obviously they would help. :confused:

    I've been to B&M and Home Bargains again as I needed some Soup'n'Sauce type bags. I spent £7.70 on two small bottles of Amoy satay sauce, Knorr fish bouillon, Walkers Sensations and Jonathan Crisps, Kelloggs corn flakes, two boxes of Paxo stuffing, two McVities ginger cakes, Colgate toothpaste, Sainsburys 'green' all purpose cleaner AND some Pour&Store bags. :eek:

    I am only going to add £6 to my total as I account for cleaning products and toiletries separately. Tomorrow is the big Tesco run to use up loads of vouchers and pick up Cava to drink with my friends tomorrow evening (posh crisps for same event). My freezer and cupboards are chockablock, I only really need fresh fruit and veg. :o I'm doing so well this month that I am tempted to aim for £100 next month too ...
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  • Ninno820Ninno820 Forumite
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    Okay folks - anyone up for a challenge?

    My month starts today and the fridge and larder are both well stocked. However I have one lettuce (which I am going to use to make lettuce soup tomorrow), one head of broccoli, some courgettes and around 100g of feta cheese which all need using up. I do not like tomatoes (or most of what some would call a salad) and I am following the slimming world diet - ie nothing creamy etc but pasta / rice / veg is all okay.

    Ninno x
    Has anyone got any suggestions / inspirational recipes?
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  • AM just about to update my sig. Doing very well this month but we were away in the middle. Also I really notice it when I dont have to buy packed lunch stuff.

    Off to Makro's tomorrow hopefully to stock up on toilet roll, kitchen roll and capri sun. That'll push the total up but worth it.
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    I've decided to buy savings stamps for Mr M's this year and count them as part of my grocery budget each month so I can be stay within budget (hopefully) at Christmas.
    I'm quite confident for christmas though as we never have gone crazy with the shopping just because it's christmas.:A haha!

    I usually start my christmas food planning and buying from mid october but I went a bit mad today when I did my sainsbugs order and added an extra jar of cranberry sauce :D

    I used to buy MrM's stamps and found it a really good way of budgetting for christmas;
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    Hi all,

    I've already failed my (first) August grocery challenge :o. Only by about a tenner but still.

    However, I'm not going to change my budget, £160 is overly adequate for two (usually hungry) adults - one with hollow legs :rolleyes:, I think I'm going to change my tactics.

    1) Mr Maitane is no longer allowed to the supermarket alone.

    2) We're going to use cash at all times (I know I should anyway)

    3) We're sticking dead on rigidly to meal plans now, no changes at all.

    Hopefully, this should work :confused: What do you reckon?
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