August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Thank you hun ((hugs)) I am going to call them tomorrow. Last time they had the money in the bank the day I called and then promised this wouldn't happen again !! It is a nightmare.

    T xx
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    Hello everyone

    Sorry for being a bit late but things have been very stressful with my mother seriously ill in hospital and we were away for week earlier in the month.

    Please put me down for £120 for moth of August.

    Many thanks in advice for all the wonderful support and advice.

    Fiona x
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    booklover wrote: »
    Hello everyone

    Sorry for being a bit late but things have been very stressful with my mother seriously ill in hospital and we were away for week earlier in the month.

    Hope your mother is well soon Fiona, sending good vibes your way
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  • Hi, I wonder if I might join you. I'm aiming for £380 for august to include all groceries, petrol, cat food, cat litter, days out and treats and two major birthday presents.
    I realise this is extravagant compared to a lot of you, especially as there is just me, dd(4) and 2 siamese cats but its quite a cut down for me and I'm determined to stick to it and start saving more.
    Hope to get to know you all over the next few weeks.
    July grocery- 24.40/220. NSD-1/3.
    Myself, DD, 2 cats, 35 weeks pregnant.
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    That is a great start Curlytop, I think the regulars (I am new on this challenge too) suggest you only cut back slowly as it's too difficult otherwise. :A
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    Hi guys, shopping day today, will be a bigger one than usual, as the schools go back on wednesday here, and my 'grocery' budget does include DS clothes and essentials, there will be a couple bits of school uniform in there tonight. Hoping to grab the £15 uniform but worried there will be none left!!

    have some things that I can use as meals in the freezer so I may not meal plan for the whole week, rather buy less and use the frozen stuff this week with it being more expensive before I even get there.

    I got a huge baguette last week that I popped in the freezer in bits, might make pizza baguette with one piece, have some mushrooms leftover and some pepperoni and ham in the fridge. Sounds like a plan!

    I will be back later to let you know how the shop goes!! :A
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    kirstenc wrote: »
    Hi Guys, NSD for me today, so im chuffed!!

    made homemade burgers tonight and they were YUM!! fell apart a little but still looked like burgers which is the main thing!!

    Also, i popped this recipe on one of the diaries for someone who had a disaster curry evening, and thought I would share. If you have this or similar Im really sorry, but I love this thing and want to share with the world!!

    Im gonna have to go copy and paste so I will be back in a minute!! (should have thought of that :rolleyes:)

    That'll be my diary then :o

    :rotfl: the recipe is in my meal plan for this week :D
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  • moneytree1moneytree1 Forumite
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    Hi all just a quick check in have spent total of £61.55 so far this month have £70.95 left for the next 2 weeks so should be ok took DD birthday tea spends out of birthday budget so all is good.
    She had a great day and loved her presents.
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    Jan Groc £200/162.56

    One step forward closer to debt freedom.;)
  • babyheadbabyhead Forumite
    731 Posts now up to 174.86 from 200 budget until 29/8 :eek:

    OH did the shopping - i gave him my list as i was good and did a meal plan :A but OH chucked a few extras in :rolleyes: I've told him he isn't doing the shop alone again :rotfl: He proved that he doesn't check dates on things as he bought some ready meals which had a BB date of the day he bought them :mad: So he messed up my meal plan as when i went to the fridge, i noticed they were 1 day out and so we had them instead! It was a good job i noticed!!! ;)

    So we have 25.14 left until 29/8 which is 11/12 days. We have lots in so we should be fine. should only need milk etc. the shop did include some cleaning stuff and nappies as well so it wasnt too bad i guess!

    HOWEVER we are having a tea party on sat for DS birthday won't be fine. BUT i'm pleased i would have done the challenge otherwise IYSWIM currently writing a list of things i want to do for this and have allowed 70 quid if need be. I havnt got a cake yet and will need to buy some meat to go with the salads! With 70 quid THIS SHOULD BE EASY though!

    Wish me luck :D
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    Morning everyone - logged on to update my total again this morning as I have just been to Lidl to buy the Mature Cheese that is on special at only £1.29 for 400g packs. While I was I there I noticed that Vine Tomatoes are only 50p a Kilo so got a load of those, also have a few other specials like Iceberg lettuce for 29p etc etc. HTH:D

    Dinner tonight is going to be Roast Chicken and all the trimmings - should have had this yesterday but had so many leftovers in the Fridge to use up. It's a huge Free Range Chicken that I got whoopsied so tomorrows Dinner will be Chicken and Ham Pie so shouldn't need to go anywhere near any shops until Wednesday or possibly Thursday.;)

    Have a good day everyone.:D
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

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